The Zentaur (ツェンタウアー, Tsentauа̄?) is the Catapult Type Legion unit. The Zentaur launches other Legions and deploys them into enemy territory. Presumably, it is one of the Legion units not originally developed by the Giadian Empire. It was later captured and used by the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package to depoly the anti-tank Throne that is used against Legions.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Zentaur has a comparable massive size with the railgun Legion Morpho and has an empty length of 35m and 90m when the catapult is extended. It is equipped with a massive electromagnetic catapult that can launch weights of over 10 tonnes into the sky. It is used to launch light weight Legion types such as the Skorpion and the Phönix to deploy them deep into enemy territory as paratroopers. The effective range of the catapult is approximately 5km.

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