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"Zashya" (ザイシャ, Zaisha?) or "Roshya" (ロシヤ, Rosha?) is a secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Gun Smoke on the Water.

Her Personal Name is Królik (クローリク, Kurо̄riku?).

She is Vika's deputy, in charge of the United Kingdom's force within the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package should he be away. Zashya is the nickname she is called by the Strike Package, although she prefers Roshya. Her real name is described as too long for them to pronounce.






Zashya's Barushka Matushka unit Królik was specialized in communication disruption and electronic warfare. This was also applied to her temporary Alkonost unit Królik, which in addition to electronic-warfare tools, was also reinforced with as much extra armor as it's weight limitations would allow and could serve as a communications relay.

As a command support unit, she is skilled at swiftly relaying and highlighting important mission objectives to her comrades and subordinates. During the Halcyon Elimination operation, immediately after landing, she was able to find a vantage point, analyze and transmit footage of the Halcyon to the Airborne Battalion's Advance Group, remaining calm despite it's sheer size. As Shin briefed the battalion on how they would destroy the Halcyon's five railguns, Zashya highlighted and overlayed the designations Shin had given each of the railguns in real-time on screen for the battalion to see.





  • Królik (кролик) means rabbit in Russian and other Slavic languages.