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The XC-1 Nachzehrer (ナハツェーラー, Nahatsērā?) is a prototype ekranoplan developed by the Giadian Empire to transport supplies over the vast plains of the Wolfsland.


A Nachzehrer is a sort of vampire in German folklore. Its designation of XC-1 stands for Experimental Cargo-aircraft 1.


The Nachzehrer is able to deliver supplies while avoiding detection from radars and AA weapons by flying close to the ground. Additionally, the Nachzehrer is much quieter than transport helicopters.[1]

The XC-1 Nachzehrer was originally created for large-scale, high-speed transport exclusively along the Wolfsland front, meaning she can only operate on flat terrains with no obstacles. Since the Nachzehrer is so close to the ground, it is impossible to incline the fuselage to make quick turns. One could change the bearing, but in a situation that requires sudden turns, the Nachzehrer would have to first gain altitude. However, she can only do so by sacrificing her speed.

The Nachzehrer was used in the Federacy's joint operation along side the Alliance and the United Kingdom. The Nachzehrer was responsible for carrying the Nordlicht Squadron deep into the Legion's territory in order to destroy the Morpho. The Nachzehrer's weight capacity is 250-300 tonnes, equivalent to fifteen Reginleifs or a Vánagandr platoon.[1] During the operation to eliminate the Morpho, the Nachzehrer was pushed to carry a sixteenth Reginleif so that its pilot—Lieutenant Colonel Grethe Wenzel—could regroup with the Federacy's main force. The Nachzehrer successfully delivered its payload, but landed in an irretrievable state.


  • The Nachzehrer was originally a legend from the southeast of Giad; a vampire which rises out of its grave to wander around cemeteries and ring church bells.[1] Frederica considers the name to be in bad taste for an aircraft which takes off from underground and drags itself across the plains.
  • The Federacy currently possesses no Nachzehrer units. All of the prototypes and parts had been dismantled, save for the one used in the Morpho elimination operation, which had been downed.[2] Additionally, there aren't any available facilities capable of producing this expensive and complex aircraft.
  • Grethe had proposed the development plan for Nachzehrer MK II. It was rejected unanimously. Aside from the low return on investment, the main reason for rejection was because the proposed Nachzehrer MK II would require “a combination and transformation function” as well as “mega caliber cannon” to be installed on its main body.[3]