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Strike Package Members[]

Shinei Nouzen[]

Before Meeting

Shin was the main point of contact for Lena when she resonated with Spearhead. Lena was eager to connect with him and the rest of the squadron, though they did not share her sentiment. Lena would continue to talk nightly with Shin, thinking that he was not as bad as the gossip had made him out to be. She projected onto him the image of an ideal soldier.[1]

Following the death of Kaie, Lena began to confide in Shin, asking him for the names of the Processors after having been rebuked by Theo. The two learned more about each other through their conversations and their shared link to Shin's brother Shourei.[2] Shin would ask her to not forget him and the Spearhead Squadron during the Revolution Festival somewhat offhandedly, not knowing of the burden he had placed on Lena.[3]


Lena would dedicate everything in pursuit of the Spearhead Squadron once they left for the Special Reconnaissance Mission. During their reunion on the field of spider lilies, she was passionate in stating her reason for fighting to Shin once he told her to effectively give up, unaware that her reason was in front of her.[4] Their second reunion at the Juggernaut memorial would be less confrontational. They regarded each other with a salute before Shin revealed their identities. She held back her tears, but the emotions running through her was clear.[5]

After Meeting

Once Lena joined the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package, the two had to reset their relationship. They decided on a superior-subordinate relationship while on duty, and a friendship without the need of ranks in private. For the first time, they consistently referred to each other as Lena and Shin rather than Major Milizé and Captain Nouzen. Their relationship wasn't all fine during the start. Shin considered Lena to be shackled by the sins of the Republic which she did not commit; while Lena considered Shin to still be trapped in the Eighty-Sixth Sector, unable to search for a future beyond fighting the Legion. This lead into frequent awkwardness as one tried to confront the other.

Upon receiving Shin's confession of love to her, Lena kissed him in a moment of simultaneous passion and panic. As she had been flustered by the sequence of events not going the way she had envisioned, she runs away without giving him a verbal answer.[6][7]

Frederica Rosenfort[]

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