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"If you hunt down the wolves, you rid yourself of the hounds you used to hunt them down, as well. No one needs a ferocious beast in peacetime." ― to Zafar, regarding the similarities between himself and the Eighty-Six.


Viktor Idinarohk (ヴィークトル・イディナローク, Vīkutoru Idinarōku?), also known as Vika (ヴィーカ, Vīka?), is a primary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Death, Be Not Proud.

His Personal Name is Gadyuka (ガデューカ, Gadyūka?).

Vika is the fifth prince of Roa Gracia and the developer of both the Sirins and Mariana Model AI that would eventually be used in the creation of Legion. As such, he was designated as a high-priority target with the callsign of Hveðrungr (フヴェズルング, Fuvezurungu?). He is also the current Amethystus, a title given to the Idinarohk bloodline's sole Esper.

He was sent as the United Kingdom's representative for the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package, of which he serves under Vladilena Milizé as an advisor and the commander of the 1st Armored Corps.


Vika has the reddish-black hair and amethyst eyes of an Amethysta. His first appearance showed that he was not one for ceremony, wearing a normal black school uniform instead of the United Kingdom's violet-and-black military uniform during an audience with his father, the King. His official military uniform sports a number of medals.


Vika is a pragmatist devoid of the concept of taboo. He has repeatedly shown that he is capable of crossing legal, military, and social boundaries to achieve his goals; from taking direct command of Shin from under Lena during an operation,[4] to defiling the dead in his pursuit to preserve his mother and later in creating the Sirins. Vika knows no distinction between good and evil, only that his twisted desire was absolute. His inhumanity sent even Shin into shivers, who described him as an innocent monster that knew no reason.[3]

His outer persona is built around concealing his twisted self, appearing as a playful boy with the hallmarks of royalty. He often sticks his nose in the business of his subordinates, which extends to even the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package. Although he is a monster, he is not unfeeling and ignorant to emotion. He has shown investment in the romance between Lena and Shin, to the point he chewed out Dustin for interrupting an intimate moment between them.[9]

Despite having a disinterest in formalities himself, he still possesses a semblance of Noblesse oblige in his actions and mannerisms. He only refers to others by their last name, a moniker, or with an honorific attached, despite insisting that others use his informal nickname of Vika. He also seeks to act as a ruler would when regarding his subordinates, despite having given up his claim to the throne.

Frederica describes Vika as a fool who happens to be smart. He has habits of coming up with random scary ideas which may be theoretically possible but practically impossible in the field. For instance, strapping mines to dog or cheetah and letting them run toward Legions.[10]


Vika's reputation cannot be misconstrued as good by any means. He is considered a monster for his actions when he was a child, gaining him unsavory monikers within the United Kingdom such as The King of Corpses (屍の王, Kabane no Ou?) and The Serpent of Shackles and Decay (鎖蛇, Kusarihebi?).[3] To their credit, he does live up to his monikers.


Vika was born as the current generation's Amethystus, succeeding Svetlana Idinarohk. As an Amethystus, he was granted an Extrasensory perception which augmented his intellect and creativity.[11]

His mother passed away shortly after giving birth to him. When he was five years old, he desired to meet her. Thus, using his abilities as an Amethystus, he devoted his time to bringing her back to life. In the end, he deemed his work to be a failure. Soon after, the Kingdom became aware of his actions and he was stripped of his succession rights for desecrating his mother's corpse. He hadn't given up however; he uploaded all of his research to the public network, including an AI based on his mother's brain. Through uploading his data on the net, he was contacted by Major Zelene Birkenbaum of the Giadian Empire. Zelene recognized his work and used the Mariana Model AI he developed as the basis for the Legion.[3]

After war broke out with the Empire, many criticized and blamed Vika for the conflict. In order to combat the Legion, he created the Sirins, Artificial Fairies made from the brain structures of deceased combatants. These Sirins pilot the semi-autonomous Alkonosts and would make up fifty percent of Vika's 1st Armored Corps. Lerche, one of the Sirins, serves as his personal attendant and retainer.

He would eventually be sent to command the southern front, waging war with the Legion nested in the Dragon Corpse Mountain Range.[1]


Amethystus ESP[]

An ability of his bloodline which augments one's intellect and creativity to an extreme level. The abilities of an Amethystus only manifests in one person at a time. When he was born, the previous Amethystus lost her abilities.[11]


  • "Shut up, you seven-year-old." — to Lerche.[8]


  • Vika is referred to as Hveðrungr by the Legion, an alternative name for the trickster god Loki meaning "Roarer".
  • Vika's Personal Name, Gadyuka, is Russian for "Viper". In Japanese, the Viperidae family of snakes are called "Kusarihebi" (クサリヘビ), with Kusari standing for both "chains/shackles" and "decay".
  • When Vika joined the Strike Package, Lena was provided with a list of "Things One Must Never Allow Vika to Do", signed by the king and crown prince. She was asked to interpret the instructions as narrowly as possible with no leniency.[2]
  • Like all member of the Idinarohk bloodline, Vika's legal wife and concubine candidates were already decided even before his birth.[8]
  • At some point in his life, before the start of the war against the Legion, Vika had the opportunity to witness a ritual performed by officials of the Rin-Liu Trade Federation.[12]