The Vargus were the former warrior-class slaves of the Giadian Empire stationed in the combat zones on the Empire's old borders. They were given the moniker of Beastmen, as they were similar to the people of old that were driven out of villages and treated as wolves. The Vargus bear that moniker with pride. Brent Bernholdt, one of the Vargus, describes the Vargus as disloyal outcasts abandoned on the outskirts of the Empire. As they had been used to wage war for centuries, the Vargus are heavily steeped in warrior culture. One of the races considered to be part of the Vargus are the Eisen.

Due to the stigma of the Vargus being ferocious beasts, they were not given citizenship by the newly established Federal Republic of Giad. They are not allowed to enter officer academies or military training, as such they would only be allowed to be promoted up to the highest noncommissioned officer rank: Master Sergeant. The Vargus are not considered a part of the Federacy's military, instead treated as mercenary forces.

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