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Václav Milizé (ヴァーツラフ・ミリーゼ, Vātsurafu Mirīze?) was a supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series.

He was Vladilena Milizé's father and friend of Jérôme Karlstahl.


Václav was one of the few survivors of the Republic Armed Forces from before the first invasion of the Legion. He understood the violent and corrupted nature of the Republic when he witnessed the parents of a pair of siblings—presumably Kurena and her sister—being tortured to death. He opposed the oppression against Eighty-Six by the government of the Republic, but his voice was not significant enough. Three years after the start of the first Legion invasion, he decided to show his daughter Lena the brutal oppression that was being executed by the Republic. They took a flight to the frontlines but was shot down by Legion's anti-aircraft batteries. He died in the incident but his daughter survived.


  • Václav is potentially the identity of the Legion Shepherd No Face, as he is described to have been a San Magnolian citizen with a wife and daughter.