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This page contains spoilers from the light novel! Read at your own risk.

The following is a timeline of events in the world of 86 -Eighty Six-.

The world of 86 -Eighty Six- is an alternate reality of Earth[1]. The series frequently references literature and events that happened in our timeline. Examples of such literature include The Bible and All Quiet on the Western Front. There have also been allusions to a certain crucified martyr which lived a few millennia a ago.


There are at least two calendars used in the world of 86 -Eighty Six-.

In the Light Novel, the Republic of San Magnolia uses the revolution that founded it to mark the start of its calendar, the Republic Year.

The Stellar Year[† 1] is the international or global calendar, its start marks an unknown event.

The Anime solely uses the Stellar Year calendar. There may be minor alterations between the Light Novel and the Anime timelines. This timeline will be closely following the Anime timeline, as it is the most complete with exact dates.

RY 1 / SY 1782[]

  • The Republic of San Magnolia was founded after the martyr Saint Magnolia instigated a revolution that overthrew the predecessor country's monarchy.[2]

RY 341 / SY 2122[]

RY 349 / SY 2130[]


RY 350 / SY 2131[]


RY 351 / SY 2132[]





RY 352 / SY 2133[]


RY 356 / SY 2137[]

  • Vika attempted to resurrect his mother, creating the Mariana Model AI as a result. He became treated as a monster and was stripped of his succession rights.[3]

RY 358 / SY 2139[]

  • Zelene Birkenbaum completed her development of the Legion. As she was dying, she opted to assimilate herself as a Shepherd into one of the first Ameise units to ever be produced.[4][5]
  • The Giadian Empire launched an all-out war against all of its neighboring countries—including the Republic of San Magnolia, the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia, and the Alliance of Wald—using the Legion.[6]
  • Nearly simultaneous to the Giadian Empire's declaration of war, a revolution broke out within the nation against the Imperial regime, with some of the nobility even supporting the revolutionaries. The revolution was lead by Ernst Zimmerman.[7]
  • Within half a month of the start of the war, the Republic Army was mostly destroyed. The Republic evacuated its predominately Alba population into eighty-five administrative sectors. The Special Wartime Peace Preservation Act, Presidential Order #6609 was enacted to strip the Colorata of their rights under the pretense of them being Giadian spies.[6]
  • The Colorata were relocated outside of the Eighty-Five Sectors into the nonexistent Eighty-Sixth Sector. Now known as the Eighty-Six, they were forced to build a fortification around the Eighty-Five Sectors known as the Gran Mur.[6]
  • Over the next decade, the Eighty-Six would be continuously exploited by the Republic through forced labor, human experimentation, and forced conscription.[6][8]


RY 359 / SY 2140[]

  • Republic Military Industries developed the M1A4 Juggernaut as the Republic's answer to the Legion. They are publicized as superior to the Legion in every way, but are actually inferior, and require human pilots known as Processors. The Eighty-Six are conscripted into serving as Processors, with officers of the Republic Army overseeing them as Handlers.[6]


  • Not long after Shin turned eight, he received a message of his mother's death on the battlefield. Shin, who hadn't understood why she had died, pestered his brother—Shourei—to give him an answer. Rei snapped at Shin and strangled him to a near death state. Shin gained the scar around his neck and the ability to hear the voices of the dead. Rei soon left for the frontlines.[9]

RY 361 / SY 2142[]


  • 13th: Vaclav Milizé took his daughter, Vladilena Milizé, on a flight to the frontlines to show her how the Colorata were being mistreated by the Republic. The plane was spotted by the Legion and downed by anti-air batteries, resulting in Vaclav's death. Lena was rescued by Juggernaut Processor Shourei Nouzen, and was inspired to become a Handler.[10]

RY 362 / SY 2143[]

  • Shourei Nouzen was killed in action and assimilated into the Legion as a Shepherd.
  • Start of Volume 10: Fragmental Neoteny.
  • Fragmental Neoteny, Pledge: Shin was conscripted into the Eastern Front's Halberd Squadron under the command of Alice Araish. Alice was the person that gave him the scarf which covered his scar. The entire squadron had been wiped out save for Shin, who began his promise to take his fallen comrades' tags to his final destination.
  • Lerchenlied was crushed beneath rubble caused by Skorpion fire.[11]

RY 363 / SY 2144[]

  • The revolutionaries finally overthrew the Giadian Empire and its royal family to establish the Federal Republic of Giad as the rightful government. But with the Imperial government's effective disbandment, they lacked the authority to deactivate the Legion. The Federacy was also unable to contact other countries, and began a bloody campaign to recapture its lost territory from the Legion alone.
  • Daiya and Anju were conscripted into the same squadron.
  • Raiden and his fellow orphans were discovered by the authorities and taken away from their Alba caretaker. He was placed into a squadron with the others, of which only he would survive.
  • Theo was conscripted.
  • Kaie was conscripted.
  • Haruto was conscripted.
  • Vika created the first Sirin, Lerche.[† 2]


  • Fragmental Neoteny, Brand:
    • 17th: Shin had come across a Juggernaut from an unknown squadron. Despite not knowing the Processor, he extracted a dog tag from the unit just like he would any other. It was then that Shin officially took up the personal name of Undertaker, with his personal mark based on the unknown unit's mark. He would later learn that the Juggernaut had belonged to his dead brother, Rei.

RY 364 / SY 2145[]

  • Augusta Frederica was captured by the revolutionaries and taken into the care of Ernst. Her death was faked to protect her and the Giadian people from Imperial remnants. Her capture marked the end of the Giadian Empire.
  • Kiriya Nouzen was killed in action and assimilated into the Legion as a Shepherd.
  • Raiden joined Shin's squadron.

RY 365 / 2146[]

  • Kurena and Theo joined Shin's squadron.

RY 366 / 2147[]

  • Kaie and Haruto deployed in the same squadron.

RY 367 / SY 2148[]


  • 1st: Twenty-four veteran name bearing Processors were gathered from all over the Eastern Front in order to form the Spearhead Squadron, led by Captain Shinei Nouzen and First Lieutenant Raiden Shuga. Once they finished taking their personnel photos, they intimidated the Alba officer into taking a group photo of the squadron.[† 3]
  • 5th: The newly established Spearhead Squadron went on a cherry blossom view as part of their orientation.
  • Mashu Nanaki and Mina Shiroka were killed in action.[12]


  • Start of Volume 1: Eighty-Six.
  • Episode 1
    • 12th: The Spearhead Squadron went about their routine after their previous Handler resigned.
    • 13th: Major Vladilena Milizé accepted command of the Spearhead Squadron after being offered the position by Brigadier General Jérôme Karlstahl.
    • 22nd:
  • Episode 2
    • 29th:
      • The Spearhead Squadron deployed on their first defense operation with Lena as their Handler; the battle was fought with no fatalities.
      • Lena attempted to relay the true history of the Republic to a group of in-training officers.


  • Episode 3
    • 13th:
      • Theo, Daiya, and Haruto peeked on the squadron's girls having a splash in a nearby stream.[† 5]
      • Lena found a topographical map of the Eastern Front's First Ward.
      • Lena and the squadron continued their nightly conversations, with Kaie and Raiden being the most active. Kurena threw a tantrum at the frequency of Shin talking to Lena.
    • 15th:
      • Lena tested the validity of her new map during a deployment. The map was confirmed to be accurate by Kurena.
      • Kaie Taniya was killed in action after she got her Juggernaut stuck in soft terrain. She was decapitated and assimilated into the Legion as a Black Sheep.
      • Theo unleashed his suppressed feelings at Lena. He regretted what he said after remembering his old Alba captain and realizing that he sullied the honor of Kaie.
  • Episode 4
    • 16th: Lena and the Spearhead Squadron made amends and introduced themselves to each other with their real names.
  • Episode 5
    • 24th: Annette talked to Lena about picking out a dress for the revolution festival.
    • 30th: Lena learned of Shin's ability to hear the voices of the dead, as well as of the Black Sheep and Shepherds.


  • Kariya Rohga and Ochi Anton were killed in action.[13]
  • Episode 6
    • 27th:
      • Daiya Irma was euthanized by Shin after being mortally wounded by a Self-Propelled Mine.
      • Lecca Lin committed suicide in front of an Ameise so as to not be assimilated.
    • 28th:
      • Lena requested for reinforcements and the use of interception cannons in order to support Spearhead, both requests were rejected by Karlstahl.
      • Karlstahl issued a mission to eliminate a developing Legion base to the Spearhead Squadron. The base was perceived to be a trap, but the Spearhead Squadron accepted the mission regardless.


  • Episode 7
    • 15th:
    • 16th: Lena appealed to Karlstahl for reinforcements.
    • 25th:
      • Lena attended a revolution festival party along with Annette.
      • The Spearhead Squadron was resupplied and received Lena's fireworks. They used the fireworks to hold a gun salute for their fallen comrades.
    • 27th:
      • The Spearhead Squadron deployed on the mission to destroy the Legion base. The Legion exhibited its first use of the Railgun Type Morpho on the Spearhead Squadron during this operation. The Spearhead Squadron immediately retreated at the shock of the fast artillery.
      • Chise Authen, Louie Kino, Touma Sauvy, and Kuroto Hinie were killed in action by the rounds of the railgun.
      • The Spearhead Squadron informed Lena of their inevitable demise as the First Ward's First Defensive Squadron.
      • The Sixteenth Ward's Falx Squadron was annihilated by Shourei's Dinosauria.
  • Episode 8: Lena Side
    • 28th: Lena asked Annette for help saving the Spearhead Squadron from their fate. Annette passionately declined and recounted a story where she had betrayed a Colorata childhood friend—Shin—and continued her father's immoral research on the Eighty-Six to make a point of how powerless she was against the system put in place by the Republic.


  • Episode 8: Shin Side
    • Tohzan Sasha, Hariz Senya, and Io Dodanthe were killed in action.
    • 10th:
      • The Spearhead Squadron was sent the order to deploy on the Special Reconnaissance Mission. The mission was a poorly disguised order to purge the veteran Processors of the First Ward. The remaining members of Spearhead accepted their fates and began their preparation to advance.
      • Lena argued with Karlstahl regarding the Republic's crimes and the Special Reconnaissance Mission. Lena failed to have Karlstahl rescind the order.
    • 26th: Haruto Keats was killed in action only two days before the Special Reconnaissance mission. The squadron had been thinned to a mere five members from its original twenty-four.
    • 27th: The Spearhead Squadron spent their last night in their base.
  • Episode 9
    • 28th:
      • Lena managed to guilt Annette into helping her hack the systems controlling the Republic's interception cannons.
      • The Spearhead Squadron commenced their Special Reconnaissance Mission thirty-two days after their encounter with the Morpho. The five Juggernauts fought a decisive battle against the Dinosauria manned by the vestiges of Shourei Nouzen. They were able to achieve victory with the help of Lena's artillery support. After the battle's end, the Spearhead Squadron would bid their farewell to Lena.


  • Fragmental Neoteny, Banks of Lethe:
  • Episode 10 & Episode 11: Lena Side
    • 13th:
      • After three weeks of trekking eastward, the Spearhead Squadron found themselves unable to advance without taking a detour around a large lake. They decided to rest for a brief period to fish, do the laundry, and explore a nearby Giadian town. Shin found himself being called by an injured Black Sheep in the distance; he was stopped by Raiden when he wanted to check it out. As Fido had found a boiler, the squadron was able to bathe that night.
      • Despite officially under house arrest after unauthorized use of the interception cannons, Lena spends her downtime tagging along with the other officers headed to the Spearhead Squadron's base. There she meets Lev Aldrecht and learns about his secret while reminiscing on the previous generation of Spearhead. She finds a note addressed to her in the common room of the base, where the five survivors each wrote a message for her, along with a group picture of the entire squadron.
    • 14th: Shin decided to return to the sight where he heard the Black Sheep alone early in the morning. When the other's had caught up to him, he was preparing to euthanize the injured Löwe. The moment gave Spearhead Squadron time to introspect on their goals moving forward.
  • End of Volume 1: Eighty-Six, sans Epilogue.
  • Start of Volume 2: Run Through the Battlefront (Start).
  • Episode 11: Shin Side
    • 30th: The Spearhead Squadron continued to march onward to their final destination. Spearhead would find itself in a battle with the Legion, leaving only Shin's Undertaker able to move by the end of the engagement. They would leave behind Fido along with four of their inoperable Juggernauts at the border between San Magnolia and Giad. They spent the night at an abandoned Giadian school.
    • 31st:
      • Noticing an inevitable battle approaching, Shin took the reigns of the Undertaker and told the others to escape while he acted as a decoy. They didn't listen to Shin's request; as a result, all five of them were rendered unconscious.
      • Using a backup unit, Rei saved the Spearhead Squadron from death and carried them to the Federal Republic of Giad, where they were given asylum by patrolling soldiers.


  • Episode 11: Shin Side
    • The five survivors of Spearhead were taken care of in a quarantine facility on one of the Western Front's military bases.


  • Episode 12
    • 2nd:
      • After a month-long screening process, Shin & Co. were introduced into the Federacy's society. They arrived in the capital of Sankt Jeder, staying in the home of Ernst Zimmerman and Frederica Rosenfort. Spearhead would spend the next month seeing the sights of the city.
      • Lena clocked in for another day at work after her demotion and house arrest; dealing with her new superior, leading her new squadron, and handling a group of Eighty-Six sympathizers which she uses to monitor the other fronts. Lena also asked Annette for modifications to her Para-RAID.
  • Episode 13
    • 18th: Shin met Eugene Rantz and his sister Nina at a library. Shin and Eugene would continue to meet at the library, becoming somewhat acquainted with each other.
    • 24th: On the eve of the Holy Birth, the month of respite had come to a close for the survivors. They confirmed that their place was not on civilian grounds, but on the battlefield, and declared their intent to join the military. Ernst agrees on the condition they become officers. Frederica requested to go with them to put her knight, Kiriya Nouzen, to rest. She joined the military as a Mascot

RY 368 / SY 2149[]


  • 7th: The survivors enrolled in a three-month-long officer basic training course. Shin went to the Special Officer Academy alongside Eugene and Erwin Marcel.


  • Episode 14
    • 11th:
      • Shin performed his legendary zero-point jump during a training session.
      • The survivors of Spearhead were brought together by Lieutenant Colonel Grethe Wenzel to witness the memorial they erected for their fallen comrades.
      • Fido's reactivation is revealed to the Eighty-Six.


  • Episode 14
    • Shin and the others were shipped off to the 1028th Trial Unit after their basic officer training. As they had been utterly incompatible with the fighting style that the Federacy's M4A3 Vanagandr required, they were instead sent to test the newly developed XM2 Reginleif which had been reverse engineered from Shin's Undertaker.
    • Out of the Trial Unit's squadrons, only the squadron with the Eighty-Six—the Nordlicht Squadron—survived the early stages of testing. The Nordlicht Squadron was then divided into platoons to be sent as reinforcement forces.


  • The Federacy reestablished contact with the United Kingdom and the Alliance.
  • Episode 14
    • 28th: Shin and Eugene reunite on the battlefield.
    • 29th:
      • Shin, Eugene, and Frederica ate together at FOB 15's cafeteria. Frederica and Eugene bond by badmouthing Shin.
      • Eugene Rantz was euthanized by Shin during the day's sortie.
  • Episode 15
    • 30th: Shin and Raiden reunite at FOB 13.
    • 31st:
      • Nordlicht is regrouped at the 177th Armored Division's HQ.
      • Grethe requested their opinion on the Reginleif.
      • Frederica revealed her past with Kiriya to Shin.


  • Episode 16
    • 25th:
      • A Large-Scale Offensive was simultaneously held by the Legion against the Republic, Federacy, United Kingdom, and Alliance. The vanguard was swiftly intercepted on the Federacy front by the Nordlicht Squadron, allowing the other armored forces time to mobilize and repel the assault.
      • The Gran Mur's northern section fell to the Morpho. The massive amounts of Legion stationed in the Northern Front invaded the Republic.
  • Start of Volume 3: Run Through the Battlefront (Finish).
    • 25th: The Gran Mur's gates were blasted open using the interception cannons under the order of Vladilena Milizé. The then Captain requested all of the Eighty-Six Processors to reclaim the Eighty-Five Sectors via Para-RAID. The Eigthy-Six obliged, some squadrons rushed to defend the First Sector, while others maintained defensive strongholds around internment camps. The Republic would be locked in a brutal siege.
  • Volume 11: Dies Passionis Flashback: The fall of Liberté et Égalité: 27.8.368 RY.
  • Episode 17
    • 27th: The Legion had breached into Liberté et Égalité. Lena, her entourage, and the Processors under her command desperately tried to defend the city.
  • End of Volume 2: Run Through the Battlefront (Start).
    • 28th:
      • The Morpho fired on multiple Federacy Forward Operating Bases. The Nordlicht Squadron had been based in the shelled FOB 14, but were located in the half of the base untouched by the bombardment.
      • Plans to eliminate the Morpho were drawn up, with the Nordlicht Squadron to lead the charge as the operation's spearhead. Grethe tried to dissuade her both her superior—Major General Richard Altner—and Shin against the plan, but failed.


  • Episode 18
    • 2nd:
      • The Nordlicht Squadron was designated as the Morpho elimination force. Ernst questions the decision, but ultimately gives it his signature.
      • Grethe requested for permission to deploy the XC-1 Nachzehrer on the operation to eliminate the Morpho, Richard accepted.
    • 13th: The Nachzehrer's hangar was opened for the first time since the start of the Legion war, witnessed by the engineers and Processors of Nordlicht. The Nachzeherer restoration project begun.


  • Episode 18
    • 7th: Frederica threw a tantrum at Shin, arguing for him not to leave on the near suicidal mission as they have the right to refuse, which Shin rejected.
    • 9th [T]: The joint Morpho Elimination operation had commenced. The Nordlicht Squadron was the spearhead of the operation, with the Federacy, United Kingdom, and Alliance forces supporting them on their respective fronts. The Nachzehrer was deployed to carry fifteen Nordlicht Processors along with Lieutenant Colonel Grethe Wenzel straight to the Morpho.
  • Episode 19
    • 9th [T]: The Nordlicht Squadron was successfully airdropped into Kreutzbeck City. The Morpho there turned out to be a decoy and was simply a beacon for a backup Morpho to fire upon. After a brief engagement, Kiriya was ordered to retreat by No Face as he was at a disadvantage. Fortunately, Nordlicht suffered no losses and could continue to chase Kiriya westward. Nordlicht's Vargus members on the other hand stayed behind to regroup with the main force.
    • 9th [T+5H]: Grethe regrouped with Willem at the forward command base. As Shin was reporting to Willem on their break, he was given the opportunity to retreat from the operation; Shin declined. Frederica was found hiding inside one of Fido's containers. After a brief altercation, it was decided Frederica would stay with Nordlicht, as it was impractical to send her back to the main force. Shin gave Frederica his pistol in case she ever needed to use it, before the group went for lunch with Frederica in tow.
    • 9th [T+10H]: The Nordlicht Squadron continued the operation.
  • Episode 20
    • 9th [T+11H]: Willem and Richard discussed the resuming of the coalition's advance. The United Kingdom and a smaller Federacy unit worked in tandem to divert the Legion's forces to the north, while the rest of the Federacy's army advances under the cover of the Alliance's anti-radar cloud prototypes.
    • 9th [T+12H]: Nordlicht stopped at a train station on the border of the Republic for the night. Raiden used this time to confront Shin regarding his suicidal tendencies, while the others discussed how they have only contributed to Shin's burdens, until the conversation eventually reached the topic of Kurena's crush on him.
    • 10th [T+23H]: As dawn broke, Willem and Richard discussed the Para-RAID as well as how best to use the Eighty-Six, and Grethe checked up on the Vargus who have returned to the main force. Meanwhile, the Nordlicht Squadron continued their chase of the Morpho, skirmishing with the Legion along the way and accumulating damage.
    • 10th [T+35H]: Nordlicht came to another stop for the afternoon, enjoying the sunset while noting how a field of swaying grass looked like the sea. As the others talked about how they wished to see a sight such as the sea, Shin did not join in the conversation.
    • 10th [T+44H]: Nordlicht camped in abandoned buildings. As neither Shin nor Frederica could sleep, they had a heart to heart over coffee. Shin expressed how he expected to die at some point, unable to imagine that a long future awaited him as he no longer had a goal. Frederica expressed her empathy, going so far as to say the world would be better with her dead and that she would have no direction once Kiriya was eliminated. She was as scared as Shin was at looking towards the future, but she affirmed that it was okay to be scared and let others support him. Shin rebutted her, as he believes that there will be no one to support him once everything is over, and that he is merely an unliving reaper.
    • 11th: Kiriya was informed of the Nordlicht Squadron's pursuit by No Face.
  • Episode 21
    • 11th [T+48H]:
      • Raiden asked Frederica if she could bring herself to ignore everyone else and go with Shin. Frederica agreed.
      • Once they approached the Morpho, Anju and Theo was forced to separate from Nordlicht due to Kiriya's escorts. Kurena left herself behind as she was more useful at long range, before being shot at by a railgun round and losing contact. Raiden's Wehrwolf was damaged by shrapnel and deemed unoperational, forcing Frederica to ride with Fido. Fido was ordered by Shin to hide and retreat should he fall. That left Shin to face off against Kiriya alone.
      • Shin engaged Kiriya as Frederica watched from inside Fido using her clairvoyance. Raiden somehow managed to join the fray with his damaged Reginleif, drawing Kiriya's attention before he was knocked unconscious by a railgun blast. Shin was eventually supported by a sudden artillery bombardment from an unidentified ally, Lena and her knights. The artillery strike disabled the Morpho's rotary guns and crippled its mobility. An incendiary bombardment was also tried to overheat the Morpho's railgun.
      • Frederica revealed herself before Kiriya, acting as a distraction while Shin climbed the Morpho and delivered the finishing blow to Kiriya's central processor, causing the Morpho's self-destruct protocols to initiate. Both Shin and Frederica managed to survive.
  • Episode 22
    • 11th [T+50H]:
      • Shiden saved Shin, who was about to be struck by an Ameise.
      • Unbeknownst to either of them, Shin and Lena met for the first time on the field of lyrcoris after defeating the Morpho. They exchanged a few words, leading to Lena introducing herself. Before Shin could introduce himself, they were interrupted by the Legion, with Lena and Shiden being escorted back to the Gran Mur by Federacy's helicopters who had caught up to Shin.
      • Everyone was revealed to be alive, allowing Shin to realize that he hadn't been left behind.
      • The other members of Nordlicht listened to the Undertaker's recording of Shin and Lena's conversation after they returned to their base.


  • Episode 23: Winter Side
    • Two months after forming their defensive line, the Republic of San Magnolia was rescued by the forces of the coalition. As the truth of their oppressive regime came to light, the Republic was given the minimum amount of humanitarian aid for their survival, while the Eighty-Six made up the focus of the Federacy's care. Out of the millions of Colorata that lived in the Republic before the war, only ten thousand survived.
    • 24th: The Nordlicht Squadron are sent on leave for the holiday season and return to the Zimmerman estate, where they find Ernst has prepared presents for them.
    • 25th: The gang spend their Holy Birth enjoying their pass times. Theo draws, Kurena shops, Raiden tinkers, while Shin and Frederica manage to create French toast. They reconvene at the end of the day to discuss their future unit, an independent mobile force, with a foreign officer as their commander. None of them have complaints.
    • 26th:
      • Shin visits Eugene's grave and reconciles with Nina.
      • Lena visits her father's grave to recount the situation of the Republic.
      • Lena accepts her position as a guest officer for a new Federacy unit. At the end of the day, she goes to Annette for her regular Para-RAID checkup, where they find out that the Federacy's RAID Device had Republic-based technology and settings. Annette also confirms that she will be joining her in the Federacy as a technical officer.

RY 369 / SY 2150[]


  • Episode 23: Spring Side
    • The Eighty-Sixth Strike Package was organized from the Eighty-Six veterans and the Vargus, reforming the Spearhead Squadron and allowing Nordlicht to be a purely Vargus unit. The Eighty-Six which volunteered began their training in officer academies.
    • 12th: Lena met with Willem to be informed of the Strike Package's roster, only to find out that the names of Federacy personnel had been censored. Willem assured that Lena was not being kept in the dark out of spite, and that the Federacy was glad to have her on board.
    • 20th:
      • Shin returned Rei's tag to the Processor memorial and renews his promise to carry his comrades to his final destination, one which wasn't a battlefield.
      • Lena arrived at the Federacy and was led to the Processor memorial by Ernst. After allowing her to mourn, Ernst urged her to meet with her new subordinates. She unsuspectingly introduced herself to the Spearhead Squadron and cried once she realized who they were. She promised them that from now on, she would always fight by their side.
  • End of Volume 1: Eighty-Six, Epilogue.
  • End of Volume 3: Run Through the Battlefront (Finish).


  • Start of Volume 4: Under Pressure.
  • The Eighty-Sixth Strike Package deployed its 1st Armored Group to help with the reclamation of the Republic. Their objective was the Recapture of Charité. At the minimum, their goal was to destroy the Admiral operating inside the city's subway system.
  • The mass-produced intelligent Legion known as Sheepdogs were discovered by the Strike Package.
  • The new Legion types—Biene and Phönix—were discovered inside the Charité Underground Labyrinth by the Strike Package. The Phönix was defeated by Shin during the operation, though it managed to escape.
  • Shin was told to come find the Merciless Queen
  • The Strike Package completed the mission with approximately 100 Processors remaining.
  • End of Volume 4: Under Pressure.


  1. Stellar Year (星歴, Seireki?) is pronounced the same way as Anno Domini (西暦, Seireki?). It is sometimes translated as Anno Astrum (A.R).
  2. Possibly happened in SY 2143.
  3. The Light Novel states that the Spearhead Squadron was established in February instead of April.
  4. The Light Novel states that Kujo died 10 days before Lena synchronized with Shin (which would be May 12th), while Kujo dies on the day of in the Anime.
  5. This scene happened before their first battle with Lena on May 29th in the Light Novel. In the original scene, only Daiya was present.