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This page contains spoilers from the light novel! Read at your own risk.

Theoto Rikka (セオト・リッカ, Seoto Rikka?) is a platoon leader of the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package's Spearhead Squadron and the artist of the squadron member's Personal Marks.

His Personal Name is Laughing Fox (ラフィングフォックス, Rafingufokkusu?).

Having survived four years on the Eastern Front and the Special Reconnaissance Mission, he is considered one of the most elite Processors alive.


Theo has the golden hair and emerald eyes of a Jade. He is slender and—compared to the other boys—fairly short at 165 cm tall. Like the other members of Spearhead, he wears desert camouflage combat fatigues scavenged from the Republic's surplus stocks. He later switches to the Federacy's steel-colored panzer jacket uniform.

After the events of Gun Smoke on the Water, Theo loses his left hand.


Theo is described as guileless and brutally honest in his thoughts. Sarcastic and blunt in his words and humor, Theo has difficulty restraining himself from speaking his mind. This is most evident in his tirade against Lena following Kaie's death.

Theo keeps a sketchbook that he often draws in as a pastime.


Theo holds a grudge against most Alba, but is willing to accept that there are some honorable ones due to a past experience in his first squadron. His first squadron was lead by an Alba, a former soldier from the decimated Republic Armed Forces. Theo and the rest of his squadron hated their leader, believing him to be a self-righteous pig that could retreat to the Eighty-Five Sectors once things went south. He didn't run away however; the leader died in a sortie where he refused to retreat to allow the other Processors to escape. The dying squadron leader's final words to Theo had a profound impact on him; Theo adopted the leader's Personal Name and Mark of Laughing Fox.

Theo and Kurena would join Shin and Raiden's squadron in RY 366. A year later in April, they would be assigned to the First Ward and form the Spearhead Squadron.


Volume 1[]

Chapter 3

Theo succumbed to the feelings he had been holding back against Lena after the battle in which they lost Kaie. He berated her without restraint, seeing her as no more than their other oppressors, simply playing the saint to satisfy herself. He was calmed down by Raiden and came to regret the way he voiced his anger, despite not regretting anything he said. He realized that by taking out his anger on another, he had done the same as the white pigs that had made the Eighty-Six scapegoats in the first place, thus sullying Kaie's honor and death. He took the time between their next resonance with Lena to reflect upon his feelings, as well as if the Fox Commander he held in high regard would approve of his previous actions. In the end, he found it in himself to at least reset his view of Lena; he was the first member of the squadron to give their full name to her.


Combat Skill[]

Theo's unit—the Laughing Fox—is the most orthodox of the team, being left in its standard weapon configuration. The same cannot be said about his piloting style. Theo is adept at using the grappling wires of his unit, leaping and swinging through the air between trees or buildings. He often attacks from a vertical surface, such as the side of a building, to pierce the thinner top armor of the Legion. This is a strategy that takes advantage of his excellent spatial perception and the fact that the heavily armored Legion such as Löwe and Dinosauria possess major weak spots on their top armor. Some Legion units like the Löwe also have difficulty elevating their weapons, reducing the danger Theo faces when he attacks from above.

Artistic Skill[]

Theo is the artist of the Spearhead Squadron's Personal Marks, including Shin's, Lena's, Raiden's, Anju's, Kurena's, and his own mark. He also drew the portraits of the squadron's Handlers back in the base of the First Ward. He is skilled in different techniques such as pencil sketching and painting.[3][4]