"Fuckin' Glory to the Spearhead Squadron!!"

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The Spearhead Squadron (スピアヘッド戦隊, Supiaheddo-Sentai?) is a squad of name bearer Eighty-Six Processors to which the protagonists belong to. As the most elite squadron of the Eastern Front with many close to the end of their service, they are assigned to the most dangerous missions and positioned in the frontmost ward, where Legion assaults are frequent. The squadron originally had twenty-four members.

The squadron's full name is The Eastern Front's First Ward's First Defensive Squadron "Spearhead" (東部戦線第一戦区第一防衛戦隊“スピアヘッド”, Toubunsensen Dai-ichi Senku Dai-ichi Houensentai "Supiaheddo"?)

History[edit | edit source]

The Spearhead Squadron is a gathering of name bearers previously belonging to squadrons all over the Eastern Front. Many members have known each other before joining the squadron.

  • Shin and Raiden were the first of the core squadron, having fought together since 364.
  • Kurena and Theo joined them in 365.
  • Kaie joined in the same year as Haruto.
  • Anju and Daiya have been together since their enlistment.

Organization[edit | edit source]

  • [Handler] Vladilena Milizé - Lena is their newest handler and the first to try to understand them. She is their strategic commander.
    • [First Platoon]
      • [Captain] Shinei Nouzen (Undertaker) - Shin is the captain of the squadron. His comrades rely upon him for tactics, decision making, and Legion detection. On the field, Shin is one of the most aggressive attackers due to his skill in commandeering his Juggernaut.
    • [Second Platoon]
      • [Vice Captain] Raiden Shuga (Wehrwolf) - Raiden is the vice captain of the squadron. While Shin leads the squadron tactically, Raiden leads emotionally as the big brother of the squadron. Raiden and his platoon are positioned in the middle-guard.
    • [Third Platoon]
      • Theoto Rikka (Laughing Fox) - Theo is the leader of the third platoon. At face value he can be classified as a standard infantryman, but his forte in grappling hooks allows him to use three-dimensional space to his advantage.
    • [Fourth Platoon]
    • [Fifth Platoon]
      • Daiya Irma (Black Dog) - Daiya is the leader of the fifth platoon. As a grenadier, his role to provide crowd control.
        • Anju Emma (Snow Witch) - Anju also specializes in crowd control using explosive munitions.
    • [Sixth Platoon]
      • Kurena Kukumila (Gunslinger) - Kurena is the leader of the sixth platoon. They are the marksmen of the squadron. Her accuracy is what had earned her the personal name "Gunslinger".
    • [Unplaced]
      • Kuroto
      • Matthew
      • Mina
    • [Support]
      • Lev Aldrecht - Lev is in charge of Juggernaut maintenance. He is the closest thing the squadron has to a father figure.
      • Fido - Fido helps the squadron as a scavenger robot.
      • TP - TP is a stray cat adopted by Daiya that became the squadron's pet. The cat was called many names before settling on TP.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Ranks within the Eighty-Sixth sector are fluid, many are promoted and demoted without ceremony to suit the chain of command necessary. Unlike the soldiers within the Eighty-Five districts, their rank does not correspond to their pay grade.

  • Captain = Captain
  • Vice Captain = (First) Lieutenant
  • Platoon Leader = Second Lieutenant
  • Platoon Member = Ensign

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Deceased[edit | edit source]

  • Chise Authen
  • Daiya Irma
  • Haruto Keats
  • Kaie Taniya
  • Kujo Niko
  • Kuroto
  • Louis Kino
  • Maina Yatomika
  • Matthew
  • Mikuri Kairou
  • Mina
  • Rekka Rin
  • Sasha Touzan
  • Touma Sauvy
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