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Shiden Iida (シデン・イーダ, Shiden Īda?) is a primary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Run Through the Battlefront.

Her Personal Name is Cyclops (キュクロプス, Kyukuropsu?).

She was the leader of the Brísingamen Squadron, which was the group that led the defense of the Republic during the large-scale offensive held by the Legion.


Shiden is described as a taller than average woman with light brown skin and short reddish hair. Her most distinguishing feature is her heterochromia; her left eye's iris is white and while her right is a dark indigo. Her Personal Name originates from this feature, as she appears to only have one working eye.

Shiden is noted to be very well-endowed. Her chest is so large that its shape remain visible even when she wears her uniform or panzer jacket


Shiden is an assertive woman with a sarcastic and provocative sense of humor. She does not hesitate to make jokes at other's expense. During their first meeting, she got into a scuffle with Shin after provoking him. Their fight did not last long before Shin decisively beat her. The two still share a rivalry.


Because of their heterochromia eyes, Shiden and her younger sister had been treated somewhat as outsiders even before the war. When two sisters were sent to the internment camp, other Eighty Six also started discriminating against them. Shiden's younger sister died in the camp from an unknown cause and never became a processor.


Combat Skill[]

Shiden's Cyclops is a night-raid model, painted darker than other Reginleifs. The Cyclops focuses on reconnaissance and close quarters engagements, exchanging the standard cannon for an 88 mm canister shotgun which excels at destroying multiple light class units at a time.[4]

Like most of the Name Bearers, Shiden is expert in unarmed combat, though her skill is still inferior than Shin's. During their fight for the leadership position within the Strike Package, Shiden managed to put up a fight against Shin, who was still holding back. Once Shin entered "that mood", however, Shiden was quickly overwhelmed afterward. [5]



  • Shiden appears to be homosexual as it's hinted that she has romantic feeling for Lena. [6]