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Shiden Iida (シデン・イーダ, Shiden Īda?) is the captain of the Brísingamen Squadron, which was the group that led the defense of the Republic during the large-scale offensive held by the Legion.

Her Personal Name is Cyclops (キュクロプス, Kyukuropsu?).

Following the rescue of the Republic by the Federacy, her squadron volunteered for the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package. Shiden and the Brísingamen Squadron are now in charge of defending the mobile headquarters—Vanadis.


Shiden is described as a taller than average woman with light brown skin and short reddish hair. Her most distinguishing feature is her heterochromia; her left eye's iris is white and while her right is a dark indigo. Her Personal Name originates from this feature, as she appears to only have one working eye.


Shiden is an assertive woman with a sarcastic and provocative sense of humor. She does not hesitate to make jokes at other's expense. During their first meeting, she got into a scuffle with Shin after provoking him. Their fight did not last long before Shin decisively beat her. The two still share a rivalry.