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The Self-Propelled Mine (自走地雷, Jisō Jirai?) is a disposable Antipersonnel Type Legion that is used as a suicide-bomb unit. A weapon radically different from all other types of legion, the Self-Propelled Mine is usually mistaken for an injured soldier and will attempt to cling onto humans and Feldreß alike then self destruct. The Warhead located in their abdominal cavity is capable of completely vaporizing a human or taking down a Feldreß along with it's processor.

The Self-Propelled Mine is the only Legion capable of producing audible human sounds crying "Save me" and "Mommy" to attract enemy soldiers. A child model produced in greater numbers early in the war was used to devastating effect as civilians still occupied the battlefield claiming the lives of many soldiers.

After the events of the Charité Operation, Self-Propelled Mines are capable of greater strategic thought. In one case ignoring Spearhead Squadron to cause a collapse of the facility they were in. A later model encountered in the Raid on Dragon Fang Mountain is seen to be able to deploy a chaff smokescreen disrupting optical sensors and radar.


The Self-Propelled Mine is one of the smallest and most numerous units deployed by the Legion, standing at 1.8m tall and weighing slightly more than an average human and consists of 4 major parts:

  • A masked spherical head containing 1x visual sensor and 1x Speaker
  • Abdomen containing 1x Control Module, and 1x Warhead
  • 2x Arm capable of 280° rotation with claws
  • 2x Leg capable of 360° rotation

When the Self-Propelled Mine is not attempting to ambush it's enemy it is capable of travelling at 50km/h while using all 4 limbs, however due to it's lack of armor it can be easily dispatched with antipersonnel rifles. And like any other type of Legion excluding the Ameise it has low sensor capabilities and is blinded if it's single visual sensor is obstructed.