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Seiei Nouzen (セイエイ・ノウゼン, Seiei Nouzen?) is a minor character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series. He is the current head of the Nouzen Clan.


Seiei Nouzen is a tall old man with pitch black, eagle-like eyes.[1] As a pure blooded Onyx, he originally had black hair which had mostly turned white. [2]



Marquis Seiei Nouzen was a former noble who had once led half of the Giadian Empire's military.[1]

Because his eldest son, Reisha, broke the taboo of imperial nobles by marrying a Pyrope woman of Maika clan, they were forced to immigrate to the Republic. Nonetheless, Marquis Nouzen still continued sending letters and gifts to his son's family on multiple occasion. After the war broke out, He lost all contact with his son's family and thus was unaware of their fates.


After Shin and his friends were rescued by the Federacy, Marquis Nouzen had requested to meet his grandson for multiple times, asking Ernst, Major General and finally Lena herself when she took command of the Eighty-six strike package. Shin, however, did not want to meet his grandfather as he subconsciously avoided anything that reminded his painful past.

After the Dragon Corpse Mountain Range mission, Shin finally agreed to meet his grandfather. Marquis Nouzen was overjoyed when he saw his grandson for the first time. Though Shin declined to stay at his grandfather's place for a night, he agreed to have a dinner with Marquis Nouzen, along with his maternal grandmother, Gelda Maika. [2]