The Republic of San Magnolia (サンマグノリア共和国, Sanmagunoria Kyouwakoku?) is one of the countries in the world of Eighty-Six. It was the only republic on the continent before the beginning of the war with the Giadian Empire. Its capital city is Liberté et Égalité.

History[edit | edit source]

About three hundred years before the events of Volume 1, the Republic was founded in the wake of a democratic revolution against the monarchy. The revolution was led by a woman who would later be called San Magnolia, whose martyrdom resulted in her becoming the namesake of the Republic.

The Republic prided itself on being a nation of diverse cultures accepting to all different races. While the open immigration policies meant many different ethnic groups, collectively called the Colorata, settled within its borders, the Republic's population remained majority Alba. Immigrants also seemed to have some difficulty in upward mobility in social classes as few of the Colorata lived in upper class districts of the Republic's capital even before the outbreak of war. The Colorata families that did live in these districts likely were of noble lineage, such as that of Shinei Nouzen's. The presence of long lines of nobility in the upper class three hundred years after the fall of the monarchy, even of smaller lines like that of Vladilena Milizé, may also be a hint that the class society of the country has not changed as much as the Republic would like to think.

In the year of 358 of the Republican Calendar, the Giadian Empire declared war on the Republic. The Republics forces were quickly decimated by the Empire within half a month. In desperation, the Republic decided to withdraw all citizens to within the 85 administrator sectors. The Special War Time Peace Preservation Act, Presidential Order #6609, was created. This law designated all Colorata Citizens within the Republic as dangers to the republic as supporters of the Empire, allowing for the divesting of civil rights of the Colorata and relegation of these peoples to internment camps. The blatant racism of the new law caused protest and riots to come from the Colorata, but this was quieted by the violence of the government. While on the other hand, most of the Alba population joyfully accepted the new law. With the creation of the Juggernauts, the Colorata who were being subjected to harsh labor were drafted to the military to pilot these new weapons.

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