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"The sea wasn't the world of humanity. Humankind couldn't leave the continent. And only one country saw that fact as unnacceptable." ― Ishmael Ahab, addressing the Strike Package.[1]

The Regicide Fleet Countries (レグキード征海船団国群, Regukīdo Seikaisendankokugun?) is the setting for Gun Smoke on the Water.

The Fleet Countries is a federation of eleven small countries located east of the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia on the shores of the Northern Sea.



The insignia worn by the Orphan Fleet is comprised of an anchor and two harpoons, with the nation's name written in cursive.



The Fleet Countries' population consists of many races that decided to migrate to the Northern Sea thousands of years ago.[2]

Absolute purebloods are hard to find in the Fleet Countries, much like in the Alliance of Wald.[2] The citizens of the Fleet Countries are given tattoos based on their heritage or place of origin.[2] Orientas have flowers, Topazes have vines, Celestas have geometric patterns, Jades have ripples, Emeraud's have lightning, and Aventuras have spirals. Esther's heritage has scales, while Ishmael has a firebird tattoo despite being a Jade. These tattoos are etched all over the body, so that the mangled bodies of sailors could be identified when they washed up on the shore.[3]


It's not clear whether the language of the Fleet Countries is different from the common language of the continent. No mention is explicitly made regarding translation or language barriers, so we can assume that they use the common language.


The migrants that came to the northen sea were collectively named the Open Sea clans, and developed an undying desire to explore the sea. Centuries ago, the Open Sea clans banded together under a unified purpose, to see that the sea would one day also be the domain of mankind.[2] Since their formation, the Fleet Countries have dedicated their all in hunting the Leviathans.



The Fleet Countries prided itself on its advanced navy equipped to hunt the Leviathans. While their ground forces were nothing of note compared to their neighbors Giad and Roa Gracia, Regicide arguably held the strongest navy on the Western Continent prior to the Legion war. Regicide's navy was comprised of eleven separate fleets each controlled by one of their constituent nations.

As their military focus was elsewhere, Regicide was unprepared for the threat of the Legion. In order to survive, they had to evacuate and turn the entirety of one of their constituent nations—the Cleo Fleet Country—into a bulwark against the Legion. The eleven fleets had also sustained enough damage where they could no longer operate independently. Thus, all vessels were gathered under the banner of Regicide's integrated navy.[2] One such fleet maintained in the integrated navy was the Orphan Fleet.

The nation's navy and artillery formations were the pillars of their defense, relying upon them for a decade prior to the large-scale offensive. Still, their defenses began cracking over time, the damage exacerbated further by the large-scale offensive. By the time they requested the aid of the Strike Package, their land defenses had abandoned their first defensive line and their marine artillery formation was annihilated.[1]


  • Navigatoria-class Supercarrier

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  • Anti-leviathan Destroyer
  • High-speed Cruiser
  • Long-distance Cruiser
  • Scout vessel




  • The Fleet Countries' full name in Japanese roughly translates to the 'Regicide Sea Conquering Ship Association Nation Cluster'.