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Strike Package Members

Shinei Nouzen

Raiden is the longest surviving companion Shin has aside from Fido. At first, they got off to a rocky start, but were able to settle their differences and become friends. Raiden is Shin's anchor to reality, and the person who can read him best. Raiden will always be the first person to knock some sense back into him, particularly during Shin's suicidal trances in Run Through the Battlefront. As his deputy, Raiden covers for Shin's weaknesses in key areas, mostly acting the heart of the squadron in his place.

The Old Nan

The Old Nan sheltered Raiden within the Twenty-Third Sector during the start of the war. She gave Raiden and the other kids an education in her orphanage, and her shelter was the reason Raiden was not as deep into the Eighty-Six mentality of only having pride. When they were caught and Raiden was sent to the Eighty-Sixth Sector, the usually sweet Old Nan cursed the soldiers taking them away with a hatred Raiden had never seen from her. The Old Nan later joined the Strike Package as a civilian instructor, teaching the kids the education they never got. Raiden was glad they could be reunited.