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Strike Package

A Processor (プロセッサー, Purosessā?) within the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package refers to the pilots of the XM2 Reginleif, regardless of their background. Despite being a remnant of the Republic's oppression, none of the Strike Package's Eighty-Six consider it offensive enough to change their habit of calling themselves Processors, much like how they still refer to the Reginleif as Juggernauts. All of the Strike Package's Processors are either Eighty-Six, Vargus, or Republic volunteers.




Name Bearers[]

The culture of Personal Names survived into the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package, with them now practically giving one to every Processor. Other nations such as the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia and the Alliance of Wald had similar traditions of providing their soldiers codenames.
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