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"The cutting-edge method of communication could be used regardless of time and place and ignored all interference by distance, weather, and terrain." Volume 1 Chapter 1

The Para-RAID (知覚同調パラレイド, Parareido?) or RAID device is a neural network device which mainly functions as a long-range communication device between Handlers and Processors. The device artificially simulates the phenomenon of the Maika family's ESP of communicating telepathically with their blood relatives.[1]


The RAID device takes the shape of a collar for Handlers and an ear cuff for Processors. The model used by the Federal Republic of Giad standardizes the device into earpieces.[2]


The Para-RAID system allows for for the transmission of the senses, from sight and sound to even emotions. The Para-RAID system sends senses through humanity's collective unconscious by stimulating a nigh-vestigial part of the brain known as the Night Head. The intensity and type of sense transmitted is dependent on the synchronization rate, with sound being the lowest synchronization possible. While the device is capable of sending more than sound, it is rarely used for more, as the system may cause information overload and fry the user's brain.[3]

As the Para-RAID system transmits information through the collective unconscious of humanity, it is only capable of brain-to-brain transmission, natural or artificial. The Para-RAID needs to be recalibrated in order to connect to another device, meaning there is no known way to tap into a Para-RAID resonance without clearance to both connected devices. Thus, even if the Legion could—in theory—use the Para-RAID system, they wouldn't be able to tap into the communications of humanity.[4]

There is an exception to the previously stated rule, however, although it's unknown whether it is able to be replicated practically. When a Republic soldier was on the verge of death in the city of Charité during the Legion's offensive, he attempted to resonate his Para-RAID. Upon his death, the result was a flickering resonance which could be picked up by Federacy troops for months after his demise. The armed forces of the Federacy did not hold the settings for the Republic's Para-RAID.[5]

The Para-RAID system cannot be jammed by the Eintagsfliege, as it does not use electronic signals.


The Para-RAID system was initially developed in collaboration by Josef von Penrose and Reisha Nouzen. Josef had taken an interest in the ESP seen in Yuuna, Rei, and Shin. He set up experiments where the brothers would attempt to guess what their mother was thinking behind a curtain while wearing the headgear he made. While the experiments were light-hearted and fun in the beginning, things would take a dark turn once it was discovered by the military. Once the war with the Legion was underway, the Republic Armed Forces required an alternative wireless communication system that could bypass Eintagsfliege jamming.[6]

Josef was tasked by the military to refine the system to be practical on the battlefield. The development process was marred with human rights violations, as the Republic had found itself with a surplus of undesirables in the Eighty-Six. Josef eventually fried his own brain with the Para-RAID system out of guilt. The development of the Para-RAID would be inherited by his daughter—Henrietta von Penrose—who would continue his research.[6]

Scientists from the Federal Republic of Giad would reverse engineer the Para-RAID from the devices attached to the five survivors of the Spearhead Squadron. The United Kingdom of Roa Gracia developed their Para-RAID system independently from the Republic and Federacy.


  • Asato intentionally misinterpreted the concept of the collective unconscious in the creation of the Para-RAID. It is merely a tool to explain vaguely how it works, thus she would like readers to not delve too deeply into its inner workings.[7]
  • Some Federacy officers are reluctant to adopt Para-RAID as it is a technology built on inhumane conducts.[8]