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Pages to Reference Formats From

Grammar, Spelling, & Punctuation

  • Names should follow their latest Yen Press iteration. Do not use outdated Yen Press terminology (Gran Mule -> Gran Mur, Laser Edge -> Razor Edge). Do not use fan-translated names unless there is no official translation.
  • Please use American spellings, as that is what the novels and the majority of the wiki is written in.
  • Feel free to use En and Em dashes in their correct usage.
  • Use the Oxford comma in lists (eg: Shin, Lena, and Frederica).
  • Measurement units should be separated with a space from the value (eg: 88 mm Smoothbore Gun). This is how measurements are already written.
  • Names and Japanese should be written with the {{Nihongo|'''Name'''|Katakana,|Romaji}} template. For consistency, User:Zenry.N will be the moderator of Katakana to Romaji conversions. Unofficial romanization should be accompanied with a question mark (eg: Alice Araich?). is a useful tool to look for already Romanized terms, mostly used for Personal Names.
  • Capitalize 86 -Eighty Six- specific terms, such as Processor, Legion, Sirin, Personal Name, Para-RAID, etc.
  • Singular armaments should be written without 1x. (eg: XM2 Reginleif)
  • When referring to specific volumes inside an article's content, it is best to refer to them by their subtitle instead of their number. (eg: Run Through the Battlefront, NOT Volume 2)


  • Images should have .jpg or .png extensions. PNGs are recommended as they can handle detailed, high-contrast images and compression with no quality loss.
  • Images included alongside descriptions should follow this format in source edit:
    • [[File:Insert Image.png|alignment|size (in px)|thumb|Insert Caption]]
    • Generally alignment should be kept to the right when accompanying descriptions.
    • Recommended size is 200px.
  • Image names should follow existing naming conventions should they exist. (eg: Episode images follow the format of "86anime Episode#-Image#.png")
  • The Fandom image server does not allow for files that sizes over 10 MB, GIF files should be compressed accordingly if the size exceeds that of the limit.
  • Scroll down to Page Formatting#Gallery for more regulations on images that is to be inserted in gallery sections.


  • Fandom Unified Community Platform (UCP) supports four sites from which videos can be hosted on Wiki:
    • Dailymotion
    • Vimeo
    • Youku
    • YouTube
  • Videos included in an article should follow one of the two formats in source edit:
    • [[File:Video Title|alignment|size (in px)|thumb|Insert Caption]]
    • <gallery position="(value)" captionalign="(value)" hideaddbutton="true"> Video Title|Insert caption </gallery>
  • Only videos from official/trusted sources should be hosted. YouTube is the most favorable site of the four to find uploads from official channels.


  • Only 1 link is allowed for the article's content, no matter what section it is in.
  • Each section header is allowed to have a link to another page despite already having one in the article (eg: Anju Emma#Relationships).
  • The infobox is allowed to have a link despite already having one in the article.
  • Another link for different sections of a referenced page is allowed (eg: Ethnic Groups and Ethnic Groups#Colorata: Aquila Group).
  • Usage of extra links for stylized purposes may be allowed as long as it isn't overboard. (eg: Raiden Shuga and Wehrwolf).

After deliberation with User:Blonkevnoci over on the discord, we have decided on this method of Linking.


This is how sections should be written, what is allowed in certain sections, and in what order they should be placed.


  • The Quote can be filled with the quote most relevant to a character or topic. This is reserved for the quotes at the beginning of every volume of LN pages. Use {{Quote|quote = '''Insert Quote'''|speaker= Insert Speaker}}. (eg: Shinei Nouzen)


  • The Infobox can be filled with all of the basic and relevant information of a character.
    • It is up to the writer whether or not they should include the Infobox information in other sections of the article, although it is suggested to only include them if another piece of info depends on it.
    • How info is written should follow title capitalization rules (First & last word, verb, adjective, adverb are capitalized, articles and prepositions are not). Try to not write full sentences, but write one with standard punctuation if necessary.
    • Text inside parentheses should also be capitalized.
    • Use bulleted lists to separate information in a list instead of commas or a paragraph break.

Basic Description

  • The Basic Description (Start of article) should be what said topic is, what they are known for, and what they are called.
    • Names and nicknames may use Bold Text.
    • This section should be written in present tense that is up to date with either the EN or JP novels. If said topic is not alive/does not exist any more, then it should be past tense.

Secondary Description

  • The Secondary Description is a further exploration into the topic. Sections included within the secondary description are as follows and written in that order:
    • Character Descriptions:
      • Appearance
      • Personality
      • Reputation
    • Location Descriptions:
      • Culture
      • Geography


  • The History should be filled with events that happened before the topic was first introduced in the main story. This would be RY 367 for most topics. Events which happened in prequel stories such as Light Novel Volume 10: Fragmental Neotony would also be included here. Written in past tense.


  • The Plot should be filled with events which have happened inside the timeframe of the story. Basically, everything which is shown to happen in the present time of the story should be put here. Written in past tense.
    • This section should be divided further into volumes and chapters. (eg: Shinei Nouzen#Plot)


  • History and Plot may be merged into Chronology should there be no reason to separate the two.


  • Feel free to add other sections relating to the topic, such as Relationships, Organization, Quotes, Locations, etc.
    • These sections should be placed in descending order by size, with sections including sub-sections being at the bottom in most circumstances.


  • The Gallery includes all official art relating to a specific topic, whether sourced from the works themselves or somewhere like Shirabii's twitter.
  • Example code for source edit:
<div class="mw-collapsible">
{{Scroll box|width=95%|height=240px|
<gallery widths="185" position="center" captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true">
Example Image 1.png
Example Image 2.jpg
  • Use the hideaddbutton attribute only when the "Add a photo to this gallery" prompt is desired to be hidden. It is recommended to leave this prompt open in the case of Episode galleries to add pictures that visitors see fit.
  • Use the collapsible class attribute only when the gallery is of less importance inside the article.
  • Illustrations should be placed in this order:
    • Volume Covers (LN-> Manga -> Misc)
    • Colored Illustrations (Shirabii Art -> LN Art -> Manga Art -> Promotional Material)
    • Monochrome Illustrations (LN -> Manga)
  • Captions should state what which volume they came from and their type. (eg: Volume 1 Cover, Volume 2 Colored Illustration, Volume 3 Illustration)
    • Art by Shirabii should be given an appropriate title and credited to him. (eg: Shin and Lena by Shirabii)

End Sections

  • Spoiler sections. These sections may be collapsed. Alternatively we could just add {{SpoilerLN}} to the top and call it a day. The only example of this type of section is Spearhead Squadron#Deceased.
  • The Trivia is any piece of information that does not fit into other sections written as bullet points. Trivia should contain information that has been directly or indirectly been stated by the contents of -Eighty Six- or the ramblings of Asato Asato. Indirectly stated information may include things such as an explanation of symbolism or explanation of Personal Names.
    • Theories and parallels not confirmed by the author are NOT allowed in this section, no matter how likely or similar it is. This is what the Discussions and Blogs are for.
  • The Footnotes is any accompanying piece of information that expands upon another, while not fitting in into the section.
    • Use <references group="†"/> for the section. Example code: <ref group="†">This is a footnote</ref>


  • The References should include a reference to any piece of information that is not obvious from the get go. Better to go overboard with the references than underboard. At minimum it should be a link to the source or a volume/chapter/episode number.
    • Generally not required inside the Plot section, as they already specify which volume and chapter information is sourced from.
    • Use {{Reflist}}
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