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The second and last volume of the 86 -Eighty Six- Operation High-School alternate universe spinoff manga. The chapters were originally published in Media Factory's Come Alive magazine, with the last chapter being released on August, 27 2021. They were later compiled into a volume, edited by Kadokawa on September 22, 2021.[1]


This spin-off of 86 takes place in a world where none of the tragic events occurred and the war never happened. Shin, Lena and other characters are enjoying their normal high school life akin to the one in Japan.


  • Chapter 9: 学園クリスマ ス
    Campus Christmas
  • Chapter 10: 喫茶店の二人
    The Two in the Café
  • Chapter 11: 冬 の 大 作 戦
    Winter Operation
  • Chapter 12: 少 し 遅 れ た 初
    A Slightly Late Hatsumode
  • Chapter 13: 勉 強 会 と 遊 び の 境 界 線
    The Line between Study Group and Play
  • Chapter 14: 天 才 の 大 脱出
    The Genius Great Escape
  • Chapter 15: 大 雪中 戦 線
    Operation Under Heavy Snowfall
  • Chapter 16: バレンタイン大 作 戦
    The Great Valentine's Operation