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Ochi Anton (オーチ・アントン, Ōchi Anton?) was a Processor belonging to the Sixth Platoon of the Spearhead Squadron led by Kurena Kukumila. His Personal Name was Gladiator.


On April 1st RY 367, he was assigned to the Spearhead Squadron in the First Ward barracks. The Spearhead Squadron had their photos taken to update the Processors’ personnel files, holding a board with their internment numbers as if it were a mugshot. Shin requested the personnel officer for a group photo, and he stood together next to Io and Tohzan.[1]

On April 5th, he and the Spearhead Squadron held a cherry blossom party to celebrate their formation squad. They watched the shooting stars together.[2]

On April 22nd, he, Io, Lecca and Raiden watched Shin helped Kurena from falling.[1]


On May 12th 2148, he, Hariz, Io and Shuri were eavesdropping Daiya and Anju until Mikuri, Kurena and Kuroto returned to the canteen with the chicken eggs. He and the Spearhead Squadron ate at the canteen.[3] He played soccer with the other boys, and they watched Kujo kicked the ball at Lev.[1]

On May 22nd, he participated in the battle against the Legion where they lost Kujo. He was seen cleaning the canteen duty with Anju, Daiya, Hariz, Io and Shuri. He was present when Handler-One Resonated with the Spearhead Squadron.[3]

On May 29th, Shin assembled the Spearhead Squadron to intercept the Legion at point 208.[4][5]

The Spearhead Squadron finished tidying up after dinner. He silently listen to Handler-One calling them. He smiles when Shin claims he is an illiterate in response to Handler-One, but was shocked when Kaie blurted out Shin was just too lazy to write a report.[4]

On June 13th[1], Shin and Handler-One were talking, the others were congregating in their rooms or the dining hall, and their chipper voices could be heard from the distance. He wasn't present when Kaie calls her a virgin.[6]

On June 15th, he participated in the battle against the Legion where they lost Kaie.[7]

The next day, the rest of the squadron heard the gist of their conversation from Shin.[6] He was present when Handler-One Resonated with them and revealed her true name.[8][6]

On June 24th, the Spearhead Squadron intercepted the Legion herded by the black sheep. He gasp in horror when he heard Kaie's voice among the Legion.Shin reports to Handler-One that nobody was hurt or killed on the mission.[9][10]

Before July 27th, Ochi and Kariya were killed in action. They were the fifth to sixth casualty of the Spearhead Squadron.[2]


Raiden Shuga[]

The Spearhead Squadron unanimously agreed Raiden would be the vice captain of the Squadron.[11]

Shinei Nouzen[]

The Spearhead Squadron unanimously agreed Shin would be the captain of the Squadron.[11] He seems to agree with Kujo's comment about rather than dying, it is better for Shin to guide them to death.[3]


  • His associated flower in the Blu-Ray & DVD Bonus Box Art is the Forget-Me-Not.