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The Federal Republic of Giad, Western Army, 8th Army Corps, 177th Armored Division, 1028th Trial Unit, Nordlicht Squadron (ギアーデ連邦西方方面軍第8軍団第177機甲師団第1028試験部隊ノルトリヒト戦隊, Giа̄de Renpou Seihou Houmengun Dai-hachi Gundan Dai-ichi-nana-nana Kikou Shidan Dai-hito-maru-ni-hachi Shiken Butai Norudorihito-Sentai?) was an XM2 Reginleif test squadron. The squadron was comprised of Federacy soldiers, Vargus mercenaries, and the five survivors of the Spearhead Squadron. All of the regular Federacy soldiers previously in the squadron had perished not long after the squadron's formation, leaving only the Vargus and the Eighty-Six.

The squadron was later removed from the Federacy's regular forces and integrated into the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package as the 1st Armored Group's Third Squadron "Nordlicht" (第3戦隊“ノルトリヒト”, Dai-san Sentai "Norudorihito"?). Currently, the squadron is only comprised of the Vargus led by Brent Bernholdt.


The Nordlicht Squadron's most important role was in the elimination of the Morpho on the San Magnolia-Giad border during the large-scale offensive. Fifteen members of Nordlicht were airdropped deep behind the front lines in order to eliminate the Railgun Type, which they did successfully.

Inside the Strike Package, they play supporting roles to Shin and the Spearhead Squadron.



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