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The Morpho (モルフォ, Morufo?) is the Railgun Type Legion unit which was used to destroy the Republic's Gran Mur and minefields. The unit was the host for the neural network of Kiriya Nouzen which was eliminated by the Nordlicht Squadron at the end of Run Through The Battlefront. The Morpho can only be deployed in certain situations, primarily in a battlefield installed with railway tracks.


As the Morpho is optimized in artillery warfare, it is vulnerable to explosives as well as direct ground assaults. To compensate, it is heavily equipped with antiair armaments and has a strike force of Dinosauria at its defense. The Morpho's main armament is an 800 mm railgun capable of shooting spherical rounds at 8 kilometers per second or slightly above Mach 23[1] and has a maximum range of 400km. It is also armed with six 40 mm anti-air/ground electromagnetic vulcan cannons. Due to its railgun requiring massive amounts of electricity, it is significantly larger and heavier than other Legion types, thus requiring more resources in order to produce. In order to recharge, the Morpho employs the help of the Generator Type Edelfalter. The Morpho requires railway tracks in order to compensate for its mass and allow it to rapidly shift positions. It can cruise at a speed of 200km/h on railway tracks.