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The Mk. 6 Stollenwurm ( ストレンヴルム, Sutorenvurumu?) is the Feldreß deployed by the Alliance. The Mk.6 was developed with the primary objective of defending the Alliance. Due to this reason, it is perfectly adapted to the mountainous plateaus which present in most of the Alliance.


In the folklore of the Alpine region of south-central Europe, the Stollenwurm (also known as Stollwurm and Tatzelwurm) is a lizard-like creature, often described as having the face of a cat, with a serpent-like body which may be slender or stubby, with four short legs or two forelegs.


The Mk.6 Stollenwurm uses a quadrupedal walking system like the Reginleif and Juggernaut, but unlike them, it's structure resembles that of a land mammal like a goat or a wolf rather than insectoids and arachnids, making it's stature taller than other Feldreß. They also have rear stabilizers that resemble long tails. Their armor is a brown camouflage pattern while their pair of optical sensors are yellow.


Its light weight allows it to utilize its pair of glide wings to execute high mobility combat maneuvers and ride winds blowing through bases located near the mountain peaks, which allowed them to reach the front lines much faster than on foot. Their mobility is on par with or possibly greater than the Reginleif, with it's Operators being able to take down experienced Processors and it's most experienced Operator being able to engage the most skilled Processor on equal footing, resulting in their mutually assured destruction in a training simulation.


Stollenwurms are optimized for high-mobility close range and melee combat, being equipped with either 40mm autocannon or 105mm buckshot cannon on their back, along with a High-Frequency Lance on one of it's shoulder pylons that replaces one of it's two wire anchors. They generally charged at enemies from above and rammed into them before unleashing their armaments, allowing them to even engage the melee-oriented Grauwolf in close quarters combat. The High-Frequency Lance is similar to the Reginleif's pile drivers, equipped with a detonation mechanism along a launching rail to pierce enemies at close range with explosives. Their wire anchors can be used to scale the mountainous terrain or to trip up and reel in enemy units, or pull itself towards them.


The Stollenwurm's cockpit was cramped even compared to other Feldreß. Similar to the Federacy's M4A3 Vanagandr, the crew must wear an armored skeleton when operating the Mk.6 in order to act as dampeners and ease the burden on the Operator and ensure their safety during extreme acceleration. It had no optical screens and transmitted information directly into the Operator's corneas through a head-mounted display installed over the exoskeleton. In addition to that, the Alliance's Feldreß control systems were augmented by being directly linked to the Operator's nervous system through cords that were plugged into various points along the Operator's spinal column up to their neck.