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Mashu Nanaki? (マシュー・ナナキ, Mashū Nanaki?) was a minor character from the Triage Black Tag side story.

His Personal Name was Walpurgis (ワルプルギス, Warupurugisu?).[1]

Mashu was a Processor belonging to the Second Platoon of the Spearhead Squadron led by Raiden Shuga.


On April 1st RY 367, he was assigned to the Spearhead Squadron in the First Ward. The Spearhead Squadron had their photos taken to update the Processors’ personnel files, holding a board with their internment numbers as if it were a mugshot.[2]

On April 5th, he and the Spearhead Squadron held a cherry blossom party to celebrate their formation squad. They watched the shooting stars together.[3]

Mashu was the first casualty of the Spearhead Squadron.[4]


  • His associated flower in the Blu-Ray & DVD Bonus Box Art is the Purple Poppy.