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A Mascot (マスコット, Masukotto?) is a special type of military personnel within the militaries of the Giadian Empire and Federal Republic of Giad.


Mascots were a tradition which dated back to the age of the Empire. It was used as a precaution to keep mercenaries and conscripted soldiers from desertion. As the ages went by, the Mascot system was phased out of the military; only a few squadrons in the Federacy kept up the tradition.[1] Eugene showed surprise when he learnt of the Nordlicht Squadron still upholding the Mascot system.


The role of mascot is to reduce thoughts of desertion within the military unit. A Mascot was generally a young girl which would play a little sister or daughter role to a squadron's soldiers, forming a sort of family bond between them. As the soldiers would become attached to the Mascot, they would be incentivized, even to the death, to protect her. In other words, A mascot is essentially a hostage as a means of preventing soldiers from fleeing the warzone.

The girls who serve as mascots come from varied backgrounds. Some are orphans without relatives. Others are sold off by their parents to reduce the numbers of mouths they have to feed. There are also those who are illegitimate children of noble families, given up in favor of legitimate heirs under the guise of national loyalty.[2]

The girls will serve their roles as Mascots until the age of twelve before they can be relieved of their duty. However by that time, these girls often grow too accustomed to the battlefield and could not return to a civilian life. Therefore, many former mascots choose to go to the training academies, and eventually become full-fledge military personnel.

Known Mascots[]