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Margareta Milizé (マルガレータ・ミリーゼ, Maregarēta Mirize?) was a minor character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series.

She was Vladilena Milizé's mother and the wife of Vaclav Milizé.


She dressed in an antiquated gown.[1]


Unlike her husband, she strongly upheld the theory of the superiority of the Alba race and was discriminatory towards Eighty-Six.[1]


On May 13th RY 367, she ate breakfast with her daughter.[1][2] She had the same conversatiom with her daughter about pedigree, status, standing, lineage and superior bloodline. Margareta asked Lena to consider quitting the army and getting married. She considered the war to be practically over. to which Lena refuted that protecting the motherland is a Republic citizen’s duty and pride.[1]

On August 25th RY 368, the Legion breached the Republic in the Fall of the Gran Mur.[3] She was killed by the Legion during the large-scale offensive.[4][5]


Vladilena Milizé[]

She wanted Lena to resign from the military and get married to a husband from a good family.[1][2]