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A Battlefield With Zero Casualties 2 is the second chapter of the first volume of the 86--EIGHTY-SIX manga.


Handler One, Vladilena Milizé, devises a battle plan to aid her comrades. Thanks to her quick thinking, the enemy retreated. However, this was at the cost of several of Vladilena's squadron.

Back at home, Vladilena gives a battle report, but she fails to mask how much the fight has affected her. Her mother suggests that it's time for Vladilena to retire from the army and become another family's son. The young woman has grown tired of having the same conversation. Her mother says that Vladilena's place isn't at war and disparages the men and women protecting Magnolia. Unable to change her mother's thinking, Vladilena opts to take her to leave.

Nine years ago, 2139, the Giadian Empire declared war on The Republic of San Magnolia and unleashed the first batch of automated drones, called Legion. The citizens of San Magnolia were evacuated into 85 administrative zones. And the other was to identify all colors (Colorata) as enemies in cahoots with the Empire. They were rid of their citizenship and fortunes and isolated in the concentration camps outs the 85 areas.

Back to the present, a dejected Vladilena goes to Karlstahl and apologizes for the loss of the squadrons. Instead of admonishing Vladilena, Karlstahl offers her a promotion, squadron commander for Spearhead Squadron. Even though Vladilena hesitates at first, she takes the promotion.

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Republic of San Magnolia

Adaptation Notes[]

  • This chapter adapts the end of Chapter 1 of light novel's first volume.