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Louie Kino (ルイ・キノ, Rui Kino?) was a minor character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series.

His Personal Name was Fafnir (ファーヴニル, Fāvniru?).

Kino was a Processor belonging to the First Platoon of the Spearhead Squadron led by Shinei Nouzen. Kino was one of the four who died from the early Morpho attacks, becoming the twelfth casualty of the Spearhead Squadron.


Kino was able to openly read a porno magazine.[3][4]


Before he was assigned to the Spearhead Squadron, he was in the Scale Squadron. He was in his fourth year military service.[5]

On April 1st RY 367, he was assigned to the Spearhead Squadron in the First Ward. The Spearhead Squadron had their photos taken to update the Processors’ personnel files, holding a board with their internment numbers as if it were a mugshot. Shin requested the personnel officer for a group photo, and he posed together with Chise and Touma.[6] The Spearhead Squadron gathered in the canteen and swore to never act like their oppressors, and they would fight to the end.[7]

On April 5th, he and the Spearhead Squadron held a cherry blossom party to celebrate their formation squad. Kino socialise with Daiya and Haruto, Kino refused to confess his crush to them. They watched the shooting stars together.[5]


The Spearhead Squadron was ordered by their sadistic Handler to charge against the Legion on a open field at point 30 and 50.[8] Shin had said he was annoying and a nuisance; he told everyone else not to Resonate with him during the next battle, so the only one connecting to Handler would be the Shin.[9] Kino participated the battle where they lost Mina.[8]

On May 12th RY 367, he was on cleaning duty with Chise, Haruto, Raiden, Tohzan and Touma. With the exception of Raiden, the others played hockey with cloths and broomstick. However Chise accidentally hit Raiden with the cloth and Raiden retaliated with violence. He and the Spearhead Squadron ate at the canteen. He and Theo joined Haruto impersonated their last Handler's cries.[8]

On May 22nd, he participated in the battle against the Legion where they lost Kujo. After the battle, he and Haruto watched Lecca and Myna played darts. He was present when Handler-One resonated with the Spearhead Squadron to greet them.[8] He sat in his Juggernaut with his canopy up, he even waved at Shin as he passed into the hangar. He was shown to be easily startled by Lev's voice.[3]

On May 29th, Shin assembled the Spearhead Squadron to intercept the Legion at point 208.[4][3] Haruto reached out to Kino to assist him.[3]

After the Spearhead Squadron finished tidying up after dinner that night, he, Haruto and Tohzan contested in a sharpshooter tournament. He silently listened as Handler-One called them. He was dispassionate when Handler-One asked Shin about his goals in the future after serving his five year services.[3][4]

On June 13th, he played board game with Chise, Kuroto and Tohzan. He laughed when Kaie called her a virgin.[10] However in the light novel, he wasn't present when Shin and Handler-One were talking, he was in his room. Kaie calls her a virgin and he heard the loud laughter. Kino shouted an angry “Knock it off, assholes!” from the other side of the wall.[11]

On June 15th, he participated in the battle against the Legion where they lost Kaie.[10] Kino was ordered to go cover for the fourth squad.[11] When Theo lashed out his anger at Handler-One, he was silent.[12]

On June 16th, he, Chise, Daiya, Haruto, Raiden and Theo played basketball, he attempted to block Haruto. He later played board game with Chise, Kuroto and Tohzan. He watched Anju, Kurena and Lecca tackled Theo.[12]

The next day, the rest of the squadron heard the gist of their conversation from Shin.[11] He was present when Handler-One Resonated with them and revealed her true name.[12][11]

On June 24th, the Spearhead Squadron intercepted the Legion force comprised of Black Sheep. He heard Kaie's voice among the Legion. He gasp in horror when he heard Kaie's voice among the Legion.[13][14]

On July 27th, the Spearhead Squadron were sent on a mission and they passed the spot where they had the cherry blossom party, they reminisced the party. He participated in the battle against the Legion where they lost Daiya and Lecca.[5]

On August 15th, he participated in the battle against the Legion where they lost Mikuri, Myna and Shuri.[15]

On August 25th, the Spearhead Squadron received fireworks from Lena and held a gun salute for their fallen. Kino and the others seemed to be genuinely enjoyed themselves.[9][15]

On August 27th was the last mission for Kino. Kino was killed in an artillery ambush alongside Chise, Touma and Kuroto. Chise's unit took a direct hit and was blown away, while Kino's Fafnir unit had been too close to the impact point, was pelted with shrapnel and downed immediately.[9][15]


Raiden Shuga[]

The Spearhead Squadron unanimously agreed Raiden would be the vice captain of the Squadron.[16]

Shinei Nouzen[]

The Spearhead Squadron unanimously agreed Shin would be the captain of the Squadron.[16] He was glad to be part of his unit.[5]

Vladilena Milizé[]

He heard rumors of a rich girl working as a Handler. He called her a pig with big breast. He assumed her to be an ugly career woman because she couldn't get married.[5]


  • His associated flower in the Blu-Ray & DVD Bonus Box Art is the Zinnia.