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"Valkyrie Has Landed" (ヴァルキリィ・ハズ・ランデッド, Varukirii Hazu Randeddo?) is the ninth volume of the 86 -Eighty Six- light novel series. The volume covers the second half of the sixth story arc of the series, depicting the continuation of the Strike Package's struggle to hunt down the Noctiluca while mourning their losses, fighting their demons of pride cursing them towards a never ending war. Most have gotten their goals correct as they fight to end the conflict. Kurena herself has promised to fight to the end, but what if said "end" was something she never wanted?


"There are no soldiers who can't shoot the enemy."

"敵を撃てなければ、兵でいることはできない。[1]" ― If you can't shoot the enemy, you can't be a soldier.


"A source of pride. A wish. A bond. A prayer. Or perhaps... a curse." ― Frederica Rosenfort, Recollections of the Battlefield

"誇り。願い。絆。祈り。あるいは—呪い。" ― フレデリカ・ローゼンフォルト『戦野追想』



For better or worse, the battle with the Noctiluca has drawn to a close…for now. The Eighty-Six’s minds are heavy with thoughts of close friends and bitter enemies swallowed by the cold, dark abyss. Among the casualties are Shana, Shiden’s vice captain, joining the fallen in their watery grave, and Theo, whose loss of his left hand had all but sealed his fate as a Processor. As Shiden swears revenge, Kurena, who blames herself for Shana’s death, cracks beneath the weight of her guilt. While the Eighty-Six struggle to pick up the pieces, though, the Legion inexorably pursue their bloodless objective, and the Noctiluca has reportedly taken refuge in the surviving Holy Theocracy of Noiryanaruse. Now Shin and company must set foot in the mysterious western nation of which even the United Kingdom and the Federacy are wary…[2]


  • Prologue: The Beast of Gluttony
    序章 暴食の獣
  • Chapter 1: The Mermaid's Bargain
    第一章 人魚の取引
  • Interlude: The King of Spades and Queen of Hearts' Interminable, All Too Trivial Dispute
    間章 スペードの王とハートの女王の、とても永くてくだらない諍い
  • Chapter 2: The Ashen Battlefield
    第二章 灰かぶりの戦場
  • Interlude: Where Was The Blue Bird, All Along?
    間章 青い鳥はどこにいたのか
  • Chapter 3: Off With Her Head!
    第三章 彼女の首を刎ねよビヘッド!
  • Interlude: To Know How To Kill Siegfried, One Must...
    間章 ところでジークフリートの殺し方を知るには
  • Chapter 4: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, What Do Ordinary Mirrors Show?
    第四章 鏡よ鏡、ただの鏡に映るのは?
  • Chapter 5: And The Piper Advanced, And The Rats And Children Followed
    第五章 笛吹きはネズミどもと子供を連れて
  • Epilogue: The Clock Ticks On, Even In The Crocodile's Stomach
    終章 ワニの腹でも時計は進む



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