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"Darkest Before the Dawn" (明けねばこそ夜は永く, Akeneba Koso Yoru wa Nagaku?) is the sixth volume of the 86 -Eighty Six- light novel series. The volume covers the second half of the fourth story arc of the series, depicting the United Kingdom's and the Strike Package's struggle to finally rid the Dragon Corpse Mountains of the Legion, while Shin and Lena struggle to understand the other.


"Change your way of life in order to move forward."

"Change the way to live. To advance."

"戦わねば、生き残れない。だが戦えば生きられるわけでは、ない。[1]" ― If you don't fight, you won't survive. But fighting isn't the only way to live.


"For the Eighty-Six, death is a way of life." ― Eighty-Sixth Strike Package, Miscellaneous Journal Scrawling

"エイティシックスは、しぬものだ" ― 第八六機動打撃群 日誌の走り書きより


Live to fight. Die with honor. That was all they knew, and they were proud. But as they saw themselves reflected in the Sirens-slaughtered by the thousands with nothing to show for it-a crack formed in their ironclad resolve. Shin's mind festered with doubt. Lena's heart tore at the seams as she struggled to understand him. Would they find common ground over the course of the United Kingdom operation? Or would they drift further apart...?[2]


  • Prologue: Harsh Mistress
    序章 ハーシュ・ミストレス
  • Chapter 1: In the Werewolves' Forest
    第一章 人狼は森に
  • Chapter 2: Life's but a Walking Shadow
    第二章 ライフズ・バッド・ア・ウォーキング・シャドウ
  • Chapter 3: Shoot the Moon
    第三章 シュート・ザ・ムーン
  • Chapter 4: In His Heaven
    第四章 イン・ヒズ・ヘヴン
  • Epilogue: Home Sweet Home
    終章 ホーム・スイート・ホーム



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  • Along with Under Pressure and Death, Be Not Proud, it is considered the second part of 86 -Eighty Six-.[3]
  • The Japanese title of this volume was probably a reference to a line from the play Macbeth: "The night is long that never finds the day (IV.III.240)." It was shortened by the translator owing to the full line's awkward length. [4]