"The Republic is the enemy."

― Vladilena Milizé, Memoirs

"Under Pressure" (アンダー・プレッシャ, Andā Puressha) is the fourth volume of 86 -Eighty Six- light novel series.

Synopsis Edit

At long last, Shin and Lena have been reunited! While the atmosphere between the two has been nothing but pleasant, Kurena and Frederica seem less than thrilled, and Raiden struggles to take a hint. The fun comes to an end when the Eighty-Six receive their first mission as a new squadron with Lena at the helm. Their destination: an abandoned subway tunnel in the northern part of the eighty-fifth Sector of the Republic. Deep underground, the gaping maw of a subterranean Legion base awaits them...

Summary Edit

Prologue: Missing in Action Edit

Chapter 1: Call on Duty Edit

Chapter 2: Identification: Friend or Foe? Edit

Chapter 3: Front Toward Enemy Edit

Chapter 4: Triage Edit

Epilogue: Wounded in Action Edit

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