"The word on everyone's lips was "Why?" They couldn't know that for them, asking why is an insult. For they are ... the Eighty-Six."

― Frederica Rosenfort, Recollection of the Battlefield

"Run Through The Battlefront (Start)" (ラン・スルー・ザ・バトルフロント〈上〉, Ran Surū Za Batorufuronto〈Ue〉) is the second volume of 86 -Eighty Six- light novel series.

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A collective sigh of relief is exhaled as Lena, Shin, and the others enjoy a hard-won peace. But no true member of the Spearhead squadron can avoid battle forever, and these few survivors welcome it. They willingly walk back through the gates of hell, ready to resume the fight against the Legion, emboldened by full hearts, fresh perspectives, and...a new friend.

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Her Majesty is Not on the Battlefield Edit

Chapter 1: Ride of the Valkyries Edit

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