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"Dies Passionis" (ディエス・パシオニス, Diesu Pashionisu?) is the eleventh volume of the 86 -Eighty Six- light novel series.


"Judgement Day.
The hatred runs deeper.

" ― Steel boots trample the blood-stained magnolia, burned by the fires of passion.


"Dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel Shinei Nouzen" ― Vladilena Milizé, Memoirs

"シンエイ・ノウゼン中佐に捧ぐ" ― ヴラディレーナ・ミリーゼ『回顧録』


It was all too sudden. With a cry, flash, and impact, everything was reduced to nothing. As the Legion's offensive forced the entirety of mankind to retreat, Shin and Lena ordered a desperate withdrawal operation.

As Lena and Shin take their first steps on Republic soil after what seemed like a lifetime, they find a country that still hasn't changed—one that cannot change. But their newest operation can’t wait. After surviving battlefield after hellish battlefield, and seeing what they have to return to, Lena and Shin begrudgingly take their first steps into the darkness... But the ghosts of the dead gather to stand in their way, their eyes a cavernous silver.[2]

"Why help. Allow us. To massacre. To take revenge."
"Why won't you help? You filthy colored!"
Screams of hatred and resentment echo throughout.[1]


  • D-DAY MINUS TWO: 29.9.2150 SY.
  • D-DAY MINUS ONE: 30.9.2150 SY.
  • D-DAY: 1.10.2150 SY.
  • D-DAY PLUS ONE: 2.10.2150 SY.
  • At the start of the Legion War: 358 RY.
  • D-DAY PLUS THREE: 10.4
  • The fall of Liberté et Égalité: 27.8.368 RY.
  • D-DAY PLUS TEN: 11.10.2150.
  • After the fall of the "Spearhead's" barracks: 26.8.368 RY.
  • D-DAY PLUS ELEVEN: 12.10.2150 SY.
  • In the San Magnolian capital, Liberté et Égalité: 26.8.368 RY.
  • D-DAY PLUS ELEVEN: 12.10.2150 SY. The Astronomical Twilight.
  • D-DAY PLUS EIGHTEEN: 19.10.2150 SY.
  • At the San Magnolian capital: 27.8.368 RY.



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  • It is currently the only volume of the fourth part of 86 -Eighty Six-.[3]
  • "Dies Passionis" is a part of the Latin phrase "Dies Passionis Domini", translated to "Good Friday" in English; The Friday before Easter Sunday, the commemoration of the day on which Christ was crucified.