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Lev Aldrecht (レフ・アルドレヒト, Refu Arudorehito?) is a minor supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series.

He was the chief mechanic of the Spearhead Squadron.


Lev was an Alba man in his fifties with silver hair and eyes.[6] His hair was made to look gray due to oil stains.[2] He wore oil-stained work clothes and sunglasses.



Lev was among the survivors from the original Republic Armed Forces destroyed in the the beginning of the war.[6]

He was married to a Heliodor wife, whom he had a daughter with. After they were taken away to the Eighty-Sixth Sector, Lev dyed his hair to go after them. By then, it was already too late, both of them had passed. In order to follow his family to the other side, he works as the chief mechanic of the First Ward's First Defensive Squadron of the Eastern Front.


As the chief mechanic of Spearhead Squadron, he is known to be very skilled in this profession. As well as taking the lead towards the rest of the mechanic team. His military background has shown that he is able to use various types of weaponry that he has kept in storage in case the Legion has breached their forward operation base.


Volume 1: Eighty-Six[]

When Shin broke another Juggernaut, Lev went to Shin and furiously grumble about his habits.

Lev met with Lena who visited the base after the departure of Spearhead Squadron for the special reconnaissance mission. He then revealed his status as an Alba and told the story of his family and how his ended up in the Eighty Six Sector.

Volume 2: Run Through the Battlefront (Start)[]

Lev fought during the fall of the Gran Mur alongside the other maintenance crew, taking old assault rifles, machine guns, and rocket launchers they had hidden for the occasion, and mounted a final defense against the oncoming Legion. He was confirmed to be deceased by Rito Oriya.[7]

Volume 11: Dies Passionis[]


  • Once the Special Reconnaissance mission was issued, Lev would reveal himself as an Alba to the current squadron and allow himself to be killed by them. None of the squadrons ever took him up on his offer.[2]