The Legion is a collective, self-sustaining, AI army that comes from the remains of the Giadian Empire. The AI system was invented by the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia, while the mechanical bodies use technology derived from the Alliance of Wald. Using the neighboring countries innovation, the old Empire produced the Legion as a perfect drone army before their downfall.

The Legion are capable of replicating a brain's state postmortem and incorporating it into their processing capabilities. The Legion required the assimilation of the deceased to replace their deteriorating central processors. The Legion that had adopted the brain structure of humans were named Black Sheep, of which those capable of leading were named Shepherds.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

The Legion was created by Major Zelene Birkenbaum using the Mariana Model AI developed by Viktor Idinarohk. The Legion was first deployed by the Empire in the year 358 of the Republic calendar, where they were used to invade neighboring countries. The Legion eventually broke free from the Empire's control and waged an autonomous war against humanity, including their creators. The Legion managed to occupy large swaths of human territory within the nine years they had been active. It was only with the triumph of the Spearhead Squadron were the Legion removed from various important routes and installations.

Through the information obtained by interrogating Zelene, who had by then been assimilated, the method to the Legion's deactivation was made clear. The method required a member of the Giadian Royal Family to transmit a shutdown code in an Imperial fortress deep within Legion territory. Only Vika and Shin are privy to this information, and only Shin knows that it is a possibility through Frederica Rosenfort.

Legion types[edit | edit source]

The Legion come in various models in different shapes and sizes specialized for different tasks.

Combat Legion[edit | edit source]

Ameise: Scout units, their main feature is their high mobility. Equipped with machine guns. One of the most common legions.
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Grauwolf: Equipped with high-frequency blades and anti-tank rockets.
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Self-Propelled Mine: A legion unit that “clings” to humans or human-made weapon systems before self-destructing. Its tactics are simple though often inefficient. It is roughly the same size as a human and can therefore be equipped with anti personnel rifles.

Löwe: Tank type. Heavy armor and a 120mm cannon turret.
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Dinosauria: Heavy tank type, weighing 100 tons. Strongest of the regular units. armed with 155mm cannon turret, 75mm secondary coaxial cannon , two 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted on turret, capable of employing with liquid micromachine "arms"

Skorpion: Long range artillery type. A heavy-armed Legion that supports artillery support with a 155 mm howitzer or a multiple rocket system from far behind the battlefield.

Morpho: Equipped with a railgun capable of bombardment over a long range of up to 400 km. Also equipped with multi-barrel electromagnetic Vulcan cannons used as CIWS to defend against closer enemies and incoming missiles. Massive weight of 1,400 tons makes movement troublesome, but it uses the old abandoned railroad tracks to overcome this weakness.

Phönix: A high mobility type Legion. Capable of exceptional stealth and mobility and specializes in high speed combat, utilising its two chain blades. It also uses liquid armor and is proven to be capable of transforming parts of its armor to launch projectile attacks.
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Non-Combat Legion[edit | edit source]

Stachelschwein: Anti-air units. Immediately after the war began, they were scattered throughout the combat zone, completely rendering aircraft unusable.

Edelfalter: Generator-type Legion. A palm-sized butterfly legion with solar powered panel wings. Used by the Morpho to recharge after firing the railgun.

Eintagsfliege: Mayfly-shaped tiny Legion units spread throughout the skies. They jam communications, making long distance communication impossible. Absorbs, refracts and disturbs all electromagnetic waves. It has the shape and size of a butterfly and deploys in the battlefield as a vanguard, confusing enemy radars and jumping into jet air intakes to disable aircraft engines. About 10 cm body length, and weighs about 2 grams.
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Rabe: Huge bird shaped Legion flying 20 km high in the sky with a 122 meter wingspan. It is the commander unit for the Eintagsfliege, and has the role of integrating and analyzing the communication between the legions.

Admiral: Energy Production Legion. They typically produce energy packs via solar energy with solar panel wings, but there have been some confirmed to use geothermal energy, or Nuclear fusion.

Wiesel: Auto reproduction-type Legion. A massive Legion meant for the production of Legion.

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