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Kujo Nico? (クジョー・ニコ, Kujо̄ Niko?) was a Processor belonging to the Fourth Platoon of the Spearhead Squadron led by Kaie Taniya. His Personal Name was Sirius (シリウス, Shiriusu?).


Kujo has the dark complexion, black hair, and black eyes of an Austra. He possessed the largest build in the Spearhead Squadron.[3]


Kujo was an upbeat optimistic individual. He believed life should be enjoyed to the fullest and if you can't laugh, you lose.[4]


Shin remembers that contrary to his rough exterior, Kujo was an expert in astrology.[5] Kujo had once taught Kaie about meteor showers.[6] Fido's memory bank has stored Kujo teaching Fido about nature in life.[2] The surviving Spearhead Squadron remembers Kujo kept talking about watching the moon.[7]


On April 1st RY 367, he was assigned to the Spearhead Squadron in the First Ward. The Spearhead Squadron had their photos taken to update the Processors’ personnel files, holding a board with their internment numbers as if it were a mugshot. He was amazed that Shin had lodged a nut and bolt at the graffiti image of Saint Magnolia, while indirectly intimidating the Republic officer.[2]

Kujo started a countdown to the end of his service on the next day, much to Lev's disapproval.[2] Kujo would continue to update the countdown on the hangar's black board until his death. The message stopped at the countdown of 128 days.[8]

On April 5th, he and the Spearhead Squadron held a cherry blossom party to celebrate their formation squad. They watched the shooting stars together.[4]

On May 12th, Kujo was seen changing the countdown message. He and the Spearhead Squadron ate at the canteen.[9] He played soccer with his Squadron, and he kicked the ball at Lev's head.[2]

On May 18th, he was stargazing and night sky watching with Fido.[2]

His last mission was on May 22nd RY 367.[2] He was mortally wounded by a Self-Propelled Mine.[8][10] One had latched onto Kujo, who’d mistaken it for an injured soldier. It had been a night-time battle; a mission to rescue another unit.[8] Kujo was euthanized by Shin.[9] He was the third casualty of the Spearhead Squadron.[8][10]



He assumes Fido hadn't understood the countdown's meaning. He smiled fondly while teaching astrology to Fido.[2]

Kaie Taniya[]

He once fought for dominance in the squadron against Kaie, and he was easily defeated by her.[3]

He taught her about meteor showers.[6]

Lev Aldrecht[]

He is often lectured by Lev.[9][2]

Mina Shiroka[]

She was like a little sister to him.

Raiden Shuga[]

He and the others unanimously agreed Raiden would be the vice captain of the Spearhead Squadron.[3]

Kujo and Daiya called Raiden as the squad’s mom.[11]

Shinei Nouzen[]

He and the others unanimously agreed Shin would be the captain of the Spearhead Squadron.[3] He was glad to be part of his unit.[4] He believed that rather than dying, it was better for Shin to guide them to death.[9]

Daiya and Kujo had once belly danced in front of him.[6]

Before dying, he was agonizing in pain until he saw Shin and was comforted by the sight of him. He reminded Shin of his promise to never forget him.[9]


He fed the cat before it ominously jumped at him.[9]

Vladilena Milizé[]

He heard rumors of a rich girl working as a Handler. He laughed at Theo's caricature of her. He wished to meet her if she was a kind princess or goddess to save the Eighty-Six.[4]