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Josef von Penrose (ヨーゼフ・フォン・ペンローズ, Yо̄zefu fon Penrо̄zu?) was a minor character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series.

He was Annette's father and a member of the Republic's Para-RAID research team.


Jozef is a middle-aged man who has short silver hair and the eyes of an Alba. He is seen in a picture with a simple T-shirt and a labcoat



Josef was a neuroscientist who was friends with Shin's father when they were studying at university. Josef and Reisha Nouzen initially developed the Para-RAID system after Jozef had taken interest in the ESP seen in Yuuna, Rei, and Shin. He set up experiments where the brothers would attempt to guess what their mother was thinking behind a curtain while wearing the headgear he made. While the experiments were light-hearted in the beginning, things changed when the military found out about the experiments as the war with the Legion was waging on, and they needed an alternative wireless communication system[1]

During the oppression of the Republic against Eighty-Six, he provided shelter for Shin's family until his daughter, Annette, opposed. He was later invited by the government to join the development of the Para-RAID device. After he found out about the cruel experiments that have been conducted during the development, he committed suicide by using the Para-RAID device to overload his brain.


Josef was one of the main developers of the para-RAID device, showing that he was intelligent to the point that he was recruited by the Republic government in a way to find an alternate wireless communication system that could bypass Eintagsfliege jamming.


Henrietta von Penrose[]

Reisha Nouzen[]


  • He's considerd to be the father of the para-RAID device, along with his friend; Reisha Nouzen.