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Isuka (イスカ, Isuka?) was the deuteragonist of the Fragmental Neoteny: Misericorde prequel story.

His Personal Name was Vulture (ヴァルチャー, Varuchā?)

He was the captain of the Stiletto Squadron. Shin's pistol was originally Isuka's. He was severely injured during a sortie and was euthanized by Shin.


Isuka was a young man with a Celesta’s silver hair and the golden eyes of a Heliodor.


Because of the hellish experience on the battlefield of the Eighty-six Sector, Isuka had developed a cold-hearted, unsympathetic, and selfish personality. He was a ruthless survivalist who would use any means necessary to prolong his own life.

Isuka believed that goodness and morality had no place on the battlefield. For this reason, Shin's acts of kindness had always infuriated him; Shin was still holding on to his dignity, on to the image of what a sane, decent human being should be. That was something Isuka had long discarded,


By the time he met Shin, Isuka Had been a Processor for over three years.

During his time as a squadron leader, Isuka employed the scapegoat policy to create solidarity within a squadron. He always picked one of his squad members to serve as a scapegoat. The chosen member was often the weakest or the most burdensome member of the group. The scapegoat then became a target for the rest of the squadron to take out their frustrations on.


Volume 10: Fragmental Neoteny: Misericorde[]

In his final sortie, Isuka was attacked by A Löwe at close range. After he regains consciousness, Isuka found that his body was gruesomely split in half. Moreover, his hands also lost fingers which meant he could not even kill himself to end his suffering. Nevertheless, Shin soon came across dying Isuka in his Juggernaut. Because he had treated Shin awfully, Isuka completely expected Shin to abandon him to his fate. To his surprise, Shin picked up Isuka's pistol and prepared to euthanize Isuka. Isuka, with a self-deprecating smile, gave Shin final advice to save the last bullet for himself. Shin then shot Isuka in the forehead after missing the first two shots.


  • His personal name well reflected his way of life. A vulture is a large bird that eats the flesh of dead animals. It is also used to describe a person who is eager to get some advantage from other people’s difficulties or weaknesses. This parallels several of Isuka's conduct such as His scapegoat policy, and how he took advantage of Shin's hate when people reached for his throat.
  • Isuka was a person who taught Shin the concept of mercy killing as well as the first person euthanized by Shin.