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Ishmael Ahab (イシュマエル・アハヴ, Ishumaeru Ahavu?) is a secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Gun Smoke on the Water.

Ishmael is the commander of the Orphan Fleet and the ship captain of the Stella Maris.


Ishmael has the golden hair and faint-green eyes of a Jade. As per tradition for the Fleet Countries, the left side of his face is tattooed with the image of a firebird. The firebird is possibly the tattoo attributed to his fallen homeland, the Cleo Fleet Country. While on duty, he wears the indigo-navy uniform of the Fleet Countries.


Ishmael is a jovial man with a penchant for messing around while out of combat, especially with the Eighty-Six. As a commander, he wields the respect of his fleet through charisma in both joking and serious manners.


Ishmael hails from the Cleo Fleet Country which was used as a battleground against the Legion, sacrificing the nation in the process. As the son of late Captain Ahab, he inherited the command of his homeland's prided vessel, the Stella Maris. As the fleets of the other nations were thinned to unmanageable numbers, the Fleet Countries consolidated them into the Orphan Fleet with Ishmael as its commander.






  • "The storm approaches. At long last." ― to Esther, before the Mirage Spire operation.

  • "So long as I don't bring shame to myself, I'm satisfied. That's all I need." ― to Theo, regarding Ishmael's pride.


  • Ishmael's full name is a reference to Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick, which tells the story of a ship captain's vengeful pursuit of a giant whale. "Ishmael" is the name of the story's narrator, while "Ahab" is a reference to the ship's captain, Captain Ahab. In addition, "Call me Ishmael", one of Ishamael Ahab's first lines in Eighty-Six, is a reference to Moby Dick's opening line.