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Grethe Wenzel (グレーテ・ヴェンツェル, Gurēte Ventseru?) is a secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Run Through the Battlefront.

Grethe is the developer of the XM2 Reginleif and the heir to WHM, a family owned military-industrial complex. She was previously the commander of the 1028th Trial Unit, created in order to test her newly developed Feldreß.

Grethe was later appointed as the Federal Republic of Giad's representative for the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package, of which she commands the entire Strike Package as the unit commander.


Grethe has blond hair and purple eyes. She cuts her hair short and wears the Federacy's military uniform consisting of a black suit and red tie covered by a dark steel-colored panzer jacket.



Grethe is infamous within the Western Army for designing the notoriously dangerous XM2 Reginleif, a unit which had killed or injured several test pilots. She also earned the derogatory nickname "Arms Dealer" for being the heir to a military-industrial complex.[5]


Grethe was former member of the Giadian Air Force prior to its disbandment, and was transferred to the Army once the revolution was under way.[6] During the start of the war, Grethe was a Vánagandr pilot. Seeing too many companions die due to the slowness of the Vánagandr she vowed to create a Feldreß that was fast enough to reduce the number of casualties.[7] One of those casualties seemed to be her own fiancée.[1]


Combat Skill[]

Grethe is one of the few surviving pilots from the Giadian Air Force. As such, she was one of the only people capable of flying the XC-1 Nachzehrer during the operation to eliminate the Morpho. She is also competent in operating her own creation, the XM2 Reginleif, as she survived alone without support when the Nordlicht Squadron was airdropped into Legion territory.