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The Grauwolf (近接猟兵型グラウヴォルフ, Gurauvorufu?) is a Dragoon Type Legion unit specialized for close combat. Its name is German for gray wolf. The two high frequency blades allow it to tear apart even heavily armored enemies with ease. The 76mm rockets in it's back-mounted launcher are also capable of piercing armor. However, the need for high mobility to close in with the enemy required the sacrifice of the Grauwolf's armor. As a result, it can be destroyed even by the heavy machine guns of the M1A4 Juggernaut.


The Grauwolf has an body that is in the appearance of an arthropod with a shark head. A 76 mm rocket launcher is mounted on its back which can continuously launch 9 guided anti-tank rockets at a time without reloading. It is possible due to the compartmentalized launching system attached; in inactive state the compartments are locked inside the holders that is in the shape of a hexagonal prism. The three compartments are equipped with three missiles each. In active state, these compartments will protrude from the holder and launch the missiles. These missiles can be used in both direct and in-direct firing. In in-direct firing mode, the missiles fly up to a certain altitude then drop down nearly vertically towards the target.

Requiring high maneuverability, it employs a hexapedal walker system, with three legs protruding from the proximal function-base on either sides of the belly. The legs are three-parts segmented with the middle section being the longest and largest segment. The forelegs each are equipped with high-frequency blades that are extended vertically upwards from the joint between the middle segment and lower segment of the legs.

The main drawback of the Grauwolf is in order to save weight and enhance mobility, the unit has very little armor, and can be disabled by even the 12.7mm machine guns of the M1A4 Juggernaut. The armor platings of the Grauwolf seems to be a last minute addition, as they can be discarded in order for the Grauwolf to maneuver in tight spaces.