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Strike Package Members[]

Shinei Nouzen[]

Frederica sees Shinei as an older brother and substitute for Kiri. She grows an attachment to him similar to that with her knight.[1] Due to her regrets with Kiri, she frequently wishes to be at Shinei's side, even when he would rather not. Her view of him would later evolve from being Kiri's substitute to a separate person that was still her older brother. She is one of, if not the only person to call him Shinei instead of Shin. Though Shin himself might not realize, he does treat Frederica as his younger sister and spoils her quite a bit.[2]

Vladilena Milizé[]

Upon initially meeting Lena, Frederica regards her with dislike and caution. This stems both from her aversion to the Republic's Alba that stems from their persecution of the Eighty-Six, as well as some sibling envy that stems from her being aware of Shin's feelings for her (not unlike Kurena).[3] However, as time goes on Frederica develops more respect for Lena and goes on to serve as one of her control aides in the Vanadis, using her psychometry to observe the Eighty-Six during battles. Much as she does with everyone else, she refers to Lena by her full name, Vladilena.


Kiriya Nouzen[]

Kiri was Frederica's personal knight. She seemed to rely heavily upon him as an older brother figure, as well as her caretaker. Her attachment to him became a burden once Kiriya was assimilated by the Legion into the railgun-type Morpho. She had grown fearful of his deranged smile near the war's end, eventually deciding to escape from him, leading to her capture by Ernst and Kiriya's demise. She believed she was the person who created the monster he became.[1] Frederica was able to let go of her lingering feelings and regrets towards him come the Morpho's elimination by the Nordlicht Squadron.

Ernst Zimmerman[]

Enrst is Frederica's legal guardian. He helped faking her death at the end of revolution and adopted her as his daughter.[1] Frederica doesn't really see him as much of a father, referring to him as a mere paper pusher.[4] Nevertheless, she respects him as the head of government, believing that his revolution was necessary. She also cares for his well being.