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Augusta Frederica Adel-Adler (アウグスタ・フレデリカ・アデルアドラー, Augusuta Furederika Aderuadorа̄?), currently under the name Frederica Rosenfort (ローゼンフォルト, Rо̄zenforuto?), is the tritagonist of the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Run Through the Battlefront.

She is the Mascot of the Nordlicht Squadron and the last empress of the former Giadian Empire. She has the ability to see the past and present of a person known to her.


Frederica is a small girl with slender limbs, a petite frame, and a delicate, doll-like face. She has the blood-red eyes of a Pyrope and the jet-black hair of an Onyx trailed down to her knees.

Due to her occupation as a Mascot, her outfit consists of a child-sized version of the Federacy's military uniform, substituting the steel-colored jacket for a beige one. She occasionally wears a beige flight cap emblazoned with the Giadian emblem.


As a result of her special ability as well as her upbringing as the future Empress, Frederica's personality is an odd mix of maturity and childishness. When being serious, Frederica is very outspoken and can articulate her speech maturely for someone her age. Although her haughty manner often rubs others the wrong way. She also can argue her point to a grown adult without any signs of fear.

At most times, however, Frederica can be very childish like any 10 years old children would. She often acts on a whim and occasionally breaks protocol to get her way, such as when she snuck aboard Shinei's transport during a sortie. When she was younger, she loved to participate in boyish activities such as tree climbing, much to her knight's chagrin.

Because she had been living a sheltered life, Federica is eager to experience new things. For instance, she got excited by the sight of a pair of deer. [4]

Federica generally speaks in rather old-fashioned way; Shin notes that her parlance is similar to his mother's way of speaking. [5] She has a habit of calling people by their full name rather than their nickname.


Frederica was born in the year RY 358 / SY 2139. At one point of time, Kiriya Nouzen was assigned to be her personal knight and caretaker. In the same year, the Giadian Empire launched an all-out war against all of its neighboring countries. Six years later, the empire was overthrown and almost all member of the imperial royal family perished, leaving Frederica the last living member. She was later adopted by Ernst Zimmerman who faked her death to the public.



Due to her Pyrope heritage, Frederica can see the past and present of a person known to her, a useful ability to have when extracting personal information or searching for MIA combatants. Though her powers have the disadvantage of only showing images without sound so the information can be rather limited.

In addition, since Frederica cannot shares information to others directly, she often struggles to describe what she saw due to her lack of knowledge and experience. For example, she was unable to tell the North Star apart from the countless other stars in the sky.

Frederica’s ability wouldn’t work on people whose names she didn’t know. Only once she spoke to someone and asked for their name would her eyes let her see their past and present. [6]


  • "Three things make a man: the homeland he was born into, the blood running through his veins, and the bonds he forms. If you have none of those and try to preserve your soul with naught but your pride, you will eventually lose your sense of self and crumble into nothing." — to Shin, regarding his current way of life. [5]

  • “It is a kindness to prepare a comfortable roost for an injured bird… But to prevent it from taking flight once its wounds have healed, because you fear the world is too dangerous, means confining it to a cage. These birds have finally escaped their cage of persecution. Do you intend to lock them in a cage of pity next?” - To Ernst, about his treatment to Shin and his friends. [5]


  • Frederica dislikes mushrooms.
  • "Frederica" is her given name, meaning peaceful ruler.[7]
  • "Augusta" is a female title derived from "Augustus" (Majestic), referring to her status as Empress.
  • "Adel-Adler" is the name of her dynasty, literally translating to nobility eagle.[8]
  • "Rosenfort" (Fort of Roses), is the name of the Imperial fortress where she lived during the civil war.[6]
  • Because of her position as a mascot as well as her mixed Pyrope-Onyx features, Frederica is assumed to be an illegitimate daughter of imperial nobles by people who are unaware of her true identity. [9] [10]
  • Frederica understands the language of the Theocracy well enough for holding a basic conversation. [10]