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"Strive to be the justice the world prides itself on." ― Federacy's National Policy[1]

The Federal Republic of Giad (共和制ギアーデ連邦, Kyouwasei Giа̄de Renpou?), shortened to the Federacy, is the setting for Run Through the Battlefront (Start) and Run Through the Battlefront (Finish).

The Federacy is a country that was created after downfall of the Giadian Empire and the country which gave the Spearhead Squadron asylum after their escape from the Republic. Its capital city is Sankt Jeder.



Flag of the Federal Republic

The national symbol of Giad is a two-headed eagle, which can be found on the nation's flag and coat of arms. "Glory to the two-headed eagle" is a common salute amongst the Federacy's military.[1]

The flag itself has changed from black and red to green, with the two-headed eagle in the corner surrounded by eight golden stars. Although because the flag was raised on the 177th Armored Division's HQ, it is likely the war flag.


The Federacy prefers coffee over tea as their hot beverage of choice.[2]

The minimum drinking age of the Federacy is sixteen.[3]


As a former empire, the Federal Republic of Giad is ethnically and racially diverse. While the groups that dominated the region were the Rubela and the Aquila, other races were not prohibited from holding high positions in society, such as noble status. The Rantz Clan was an example of Alba nobility within the old empire. The nobility which sided with the Federacy during the revolution, while stripped of their taxation rights, still played a key role in the nation. The Onyx and Pyrope Clans still served as military leaders, while nobles with large production companies were the backbone of the war effort.[1][4] Minor nobles without much contribution to society were less fortunate, often ostracized by the commonfolk.[4]

While the Federacy maintained the tolerance shown in its Imperial days, it was not perfect in its equality. The old warrior-class slaves of the Vargus were denied citizenship into the new nation, due to their stigma as untamed savages. Another example is the discrimination towards mixed-bloods by the nobility, which still persists even after the revolution.


Giad's national language is what would be considered modern English (although it is unknown if they call the language by that name), much like the rest of the continent. Due to the diversity present in the nation, other languages and writing scripts are used along side the official language by certain minorities, such as a Japanese-like script seen in the borderlands of the old Imperial territories.[5][6] While they speak the same language as San Magnolia, Roa Gracia, and Wald, there are dialectal differences between the nations.[7][8] These dialectal differences can be seen in Giadian pejoratives, such as:

  • Weißhaare, meaning white hair. It referred to the Alba and specifically to those of the Republic.[9]
  • Rotegig, meaning Red eye. It is used by the pureblood Onyxes of noble descent to refer to children mixed with Pyrope blood.[10]

Since the Giadian Empire had been a nation with more noble vassal states than any other on the continent, there were multiple noble dialects as well.[11]

Giadian names and terms are largely German inspired.



After the Empire's declaration of war against its neighboring nations, a revolution against the Empire's government broke out. Defeating the Empire and deposing the royal family, the revolutionaries created a new republic that incorporated all the former states of the Empire. The new government was led by the revolutionary leader Ernst Zimmerman, who became interim president. Despite the victory, the newly founded Federacy was forced to continue facing the Legion due to the refusal of the Empire's military to surrender. The stubborn imperial defense resulted in no officer alive that was of high enough rank to call off the Legion assaults.

Since the end of the revolution, the Federacy has been slowly retaking the territory lost to the Legion, though at a terrible cost in lives and material. Up until the arrival of several soldiers of the Spearhead Squadron from the Republic of San Magnolia, the Federacy had had little contact with neighboring nations, though the destruction of the Empire had already been detected by at least the Republic. A later offensive would allow for communications to be opened with the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia and the Alliance of Wald.

Elimination of the Morpho[]

The Federacy's Western Front was its largest and most contested battlefield due to the wide, open terrain that forced the Federacy to face the Legion head on. In the other fronts, the Federacy held a defensive advantage due to the mountainous terrain that favored ambushes and chokepoints. The Western Front was dealt a large blow by the destruction of several forward operating bases (FOB) by the Legion's railgun unit called the Morpho. The loss of approximately twenty thousand soldiers severely weakened the Federacy and forced a combined all-out offensive to drive back the Legion and destroy the Morpho. Several hundred thousand lives were lost, over sixty percent of Federacy forces, but the Legion were also dealt enormous losses and forced to give up large amounts of territory.

Upon the success of the operation, the Federacy established contact with the Republic of San Magnolia. Appalled by the atrocities of the Republic against the Eighty-Six, the Federacy occupied the Republic and sheltered the surviving Eighty-Six. However, the willing Eighty-Six were recruited into the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package after Eighty-Six from the Nordlicht Squadron displayed exceptional performance as part of the 177th Armored Division and because of the major losses the Federacy suffered in the previous offensive. The Strike Package was assigned to clear out Legion remnants in the Republic's second capital of Charité before being sent north to the United Kingdom for a joint operation.



In stark contrast to the miserable state of the Republic's military, The Federacy still retain fully-functional armed forces. Its soldiers are well-trained, well-equipped, and motivated to protect their homeland. In fact, The Legion have regarded the Federacy as the greatest threat and concentrated most of its forces against the Federacy.


The supreme commander of the armed forces is the president of the Federal Republic of Giad.

Since the Federacy is a landlocked country and traditional war planes are useless due to the effectiveness of Legion's Anti-aircraft system, they no longer have separated branches for the navy and air force.

The primary force in the war against the Legion is the Western Army. Known organizations within the Western Army are the 5th Infantry Corps and the 8th Army Corps, of which the 177th Armored Division belongs to.[12] Based on the structure of 177th Armored Division, each division has three brigade combat teams (BCT), one artillery regiment, and one sustainment brigade.[13]

Due to the political circumstance, many high-ranking nobles are able to retain their private armies which had never been organized into the Federacy’s army until recently. [14] The majority of Federacy citizens rejects organizing the private armies into the official armed forces because they didn’t want the nobles to have any more influence. The nobles, however, have been waiting for the Federacy’s army to be weaken from the war against the Legion. When the war ends, They would supplant the Federacy’s army with their strong, healthy forces, allowing the old nobility to seize control.


The Federacy's military does not enforce conscription; instead, there are a number of incentive programs in order to ensure they were constantly supplied with fresh personnel during the war with the Legion. One such program eased the entry-barrier of becoming a commissioned officer; instead of requiring a higher education, only the minimal secondary education was required along with a special training program. These officers would then be required to obtain higher education throughout their military career.[1]


The Federacy still retains most of its military cultures from the days of the Empire. The higher officer ranks are dominated by former aristocrats[1], while JCO, NCO, and enlisted troops normally come from middle and lower classes. Officers, who are noble descent, tend to receive preferential treatment, such as promotion and career opportunities.

For example, take Grethe Wenzel and Willem Ehrenfried, who are two officers of the same age. By the time of Legion's Large-scale Offensive, Willem already became the Western Army's Chief of Staff, holding the rank of Brigadier General. In comparison, Grethe held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and remained a field officer. This was in part because Willem was the heir of powerful noble family, while Grethe was only the heir to a military-industrial complex.

The differences between officers and lower rank personnel unavoidably causes tensions between two groups. Soldiers, who come from the middle class, often have prejudice against noble-descent officers. In the case of Shin, his mixed Pyrope and Onyx heritage, as well as his surname, often caused him to be provoked into fights.[15]

As per tradition, officers have to pay for some uniforms, such as formalwear, by themselves while the army will provide those uniforms to enlisted troops and NCOs. This tradition is done to highlight the difference between classes; the nobles who are in command, and the commoners who must follow orders.[16]

List of Operations[]

  • Joint operation with the United Kingdom and Republic in retaking the Republic's Northern and Western Sectors (Western Front)[10]


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The Giad Federacy is a federal republic with the president as a head of state. However, because of the ongoing war against the Legion, it has not established a proper legislative branch yet. [17]


While relatively calm, the internal political situation of the Federacy is not truly stable. There is an ongoing power struggle between several political groups happening behind the scenes. There are two main factions at play: the pro-democracy faction who seeks to maintain the Federacy led by Ernst, and the faction led by Archduchess Brantolote who has ambitions to reestablish the Giadian Empire with herself as the Empress.[14]

Fueling the fire of the factions' infighting is the longstanding rivalry between the Onyx and Pyrope nobles. While some—such as the Maika and Nouzen Marquisates—have made peace with their old conflicts, others continue to perpetuate a struggle for power. The previously mentioned Brantolote Archduchy is a Pyrope faction, while the current government—although not headed by an Onyx noble directly—is primarily Onyx sponsored.[14]

It is assumed that should the Brantolotes make a bid for power, the Nouzens would act as the Onyx faction's leader in the struggle.[14]


Sankt Jeder[]

Sankt Jeder during the Holy Birth.

Sankt Jeder is the capital city of the Federacy, located at 200 kilometers from the first ward of Republic's eastern front.

  • Zimmerman Residence: The home of Ernst Zimmerman, occupied by himself, Frederica, Teresa, and the survivors of Spearhead.
  • Presidential Residence: Also known as Adler Holst (Eagle's Nest). It used to be the Imperial Grand Palace during the Age of the Empire. Its assembly hall now serves as a meeting room of National Defense Council.
  • Imperial Capital Central Library: The library Shin and Eugene frequented.
  • Republic Square: A plaza located in front of the Republic's embassy. The embassy itself is currently in disrepair.
  • Special Officer Academy: The alma mater of Shin, Eugene, and Marcel.


Sankt Glycine Base

Processor Memorial

The territories of the Vargus on the Federacy's Western Front.

  • Sankt Glycine Base: The base the survivors of Spearhead were quarantined in.[18]
  • Rüstkammer Base: The headquarters of the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package.
  • Processor Memorial: A glass encased gravesite on the old border between San Magnolia and Giad erected by the Federacy. There lay silently four Juggernauts and one Scavenger, along with 576 Juggernaut fragments with their Processor's names etched onto them.


  • Giad is heavily inspired by Germany in various stages of its history, the Empire being inspired by Germany's many empires (the Holy Roman Empire, German Empire, and to an extent the Austro-Hungarian Empire) while the Federal Republic was inspired by the Federal Republic of Germany. The two-headed eagle may be a reference to the Reichsadler, a prominent symbol of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The symbol is still used to this day by Germany under the name of the Bundesadler.
  • The students of the Federacy's special officer academy were mostly children who joined the program to ease burden of their families. [1]