The Federal Republic of Giad (ギアーデ連邦, Giа̄do Renpou?), shortened to the Federacy, is a country that was created after downfall of the Giadian Empire. It is the country that took Shin and his companions under protection after they‘ve fled the Republic. The symbol of this country is a two-headed eagle and the capital city is Sankt Jeder.

History[edit | edit source]

Several years after the Empire's declaration of war against its neighboring nations, a revolution against the Empire's government broke out. Defeating the Empire and deposing the royal family, the revolutionaries created a new republic that incorporated all the former states of the Empire. The new government was led by the revolutionary leader Ernst Zimmerman, who became interim president. Despite the victory, the newly founded Federacy was forced to continue facing the Legion due to the refusal of the Empire's military to surrender. The stubborn imperial defense resulted in no officer alive that was high-ranking enough to call off the Legion assaults.

Since the end of the revolution, the Federacy has been slowly retaking the territory lost to the Legion, though at a terrible cost in lives and material. Up until the arrival of several soldiers of the Spearhead Squadron from the Republic of San Magnolia, the Federacy had had little contact with neighboring nations, though the destruction of the Empire had already been detected by at least the Republic. A later offensive would allow for communications to be opened with the United Kingdom of Roa Gracia and the Alliance of Wald.

The Federacy's Western Front was its largest and most contested battlefield due to the wide, open terrain that forced the Federacy to face the Legion head on. In the other fronts, the Federacy held a defensive advantage due to the mountainous terrain that favored ambushes and chokepoints. The Western Front was dealt a large blow by the destruction of several forward operating bases (FOB) by the Legion's railgun unit called the Morpho. The loss of approximately twenty thousand soldiers severely weakened the Federacy and forced a combined all-out offensive to drive back the Legion and destroy the Morpho. Several hundred thousand lives were lost, over sixty percent of Federacy forces, but the Legion were also dealt enormous losses and forced to give up large amounts of territory.

Upon the success of the operation, the Federacy established contact with the Republic of San Magnolia. Appalled by the atrocities of the Republic against the Eighty-Six, the Federacy occupied the Republic and sheltered the surviving Eighty-Six. However, willing Eighty-Six were recruited into the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package after Eighty-Six from the Spearhead Squadron displayed exceptional performance as part of the 1028th Trial Unit and because of the major losses the Federacy suffered in the previous offensive. The Strike Package was assigned to clear out Legion remnants in the Republic before being sent north to the Kingdom of Roa Gracia for a joint operation.

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