The 7.62 mm Assault Rifle was used by Eighty-Six as a last resort against light class Legion units, usually kept in a Juggernaut's cockpit. It is also used to defend themselves against self-propelled mines. It was not officially issued by the Republic's military, but the Eighty-Six still scavenged these rifles—either from storage facilities or fallen Republic soldiers from the first Legion invasion—and used them. It was the standard primary weapon for infantry of the old Republic Armed Forces.

Description[edit | edit source]

The FN FAL Para (assumed model based on the anime) is cambered in 7.62x51mm cartirdge. Its firing options are both semi-automatic and fully-automatic. It has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds and a rate of fire of 650–700 rounds/min. It has a foldable stock and a carry handle on the handguard. It is capable of penetrating the thinner parts of an Ameise and Phönix's armor, but otherwise is incapable of inflicting any true damage on the Legion.

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