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Eugene Rantz (ユージン・ランツ Yūjin Rantsu?) was a secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Run Through the Battlefront.

Eugene was a second lieutenant of the 177th Armored Division of the Federal Republic of Giad. As the son of former Alba nobles from the fallen Giadian Empire, he enlisted in the Federacy's army to help provide for his younger sister Nina. He was well regarded for his Feldreß piloting skills.


Eugene had the silver hair and eyes of a Celena. He wore glasses and had wavy hair. As a soldier of the Federacy, he would typically wear the standard steel-blue uniform.


Eugene was a kind older brother. Despite his family fell to ruin following the empire fall, he never talks badly about the Federacy. He was quite polite (making his sister Nina apologizing to Shin after disturbing him) and sociable (he was the only one in the 177th to talk to Shin after the academy, the others being too afraid of him). Like all the Spearhead squadron, he understands the role Shin takes (Undertaker) : being fatally wounded he asks Shin to take the photo of his little sister and thanks him to put him out of his misery.


Eugene's family was a minor noble clan of the Giadian Empire. After the revolution, they lost their social status and tax privileges. As a result, the Rantz family became even poorer than common laborers, as they did not have enough assets to support themselves, unlike higher nobles.

Six years ago, Eugene's family had to evacuate from their village after the war with the Legion had intensified. Painfully, Eugene and Nina had to leave their parents behind, as the evacuation was limited in scale and could not fit everyone. They did not even have the leisure to take family photos with them.[1]

Eugene and his sister then lived with their aunt in Sankt Jeder. Unfortunately, Eugene could neither find employment nor go to school due to the middle class's loathing towards former nobles. Thus, he intended to attend the Special Officer Academy and became an officer to support his sister's education.[5]


Volume 2: Run Through the Battlefront (Start)[]

Chapter 1

Eugene was a Vánagandr pilot belonging to the 12th Company, 141st Regiment, 177th Armored Division. During one skirmish against the Legion, His company had suffered heavy loses and on the verge of being overrun. They were ultimately saved by the detachment from the Nordlicht squadron led by Shin. Eugene later reunited with Shin at the cafeteria of Forward Operating Base 15 of 117th Armored Division. They had a conversation about their past as well as a current situation before it was interrupted by another Legion's intrusion. Eugene parted way with Shin and returned to his unit.

Unfortunately, Eugene's Vánagandr was ripped apart by the Legion by the Legion's artillery fire during the battle. His partner died instantly while Eugene was mortally wounded, losing all body parts below his stomach. Realizing that he was beyond saving, Eugene asked Shin to help him see a picture of his sister for the last time, which Shin complied and personally euthanized Eugene afterward.

Chapter 3

The story flashbacked to the day when Eugene first met Shin at the Imperial Capital Library. After apologizing for his sister's rudeness, Eugene introduced himself and began befriending Shin. Shin, however, did not reveal that he was the Eighty-Six.

Eugene and Shin continued to meet each other several times at the library as none of them went to school. On a day during the summer, Shin had fallen asleep in the reading room, and Eugene had to wake him up. Then, he invited Shin to watch the military parade of the Western Army's 24th Armored Division for the Holy Birthday. Eugene also told Shin his plan to enlist into the military, which he hoped to join the armored division.


  • Eugene was designed to evoke the traits of two influential people in Shin's life. He was a diligent Alba (like Lena) and a reliable, bespectacled older brother (like Rei).[6]