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Eugene Rantz (ユージン・ランツ Yūjin Rantsu?) was a secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Run Through the Battlefront.

Eugene was a second lieutenant of the 177th Armored Division of the Federal Republic of Giad. As the son of former Alba nobles from the fallen Giadian Empire, he enlisted in the Federacy's army to help provide for his younger sister Nina. He was well regarded for his Feldreß piloting skills.


Eugene had the silver hair and eyes of a Celena. He wore glasses and had wavy hair. As a soldier of the Federacy, he would typically wear the standard steel-blue uniform.


Eugene was a kind older brother. Despite his family fell to ruin following the empire fall, he never talks badly about the Federacy. He was quite polite (making his sister Nina apologizing to Shin after disturbing him) and sociable (he was the only one in the 177th to talk to Shin after the academy, the others being too afraid of him). Like all the Spearhead squadron, he understands the role Shin takes (Undertaker) : being fatally wounded he asks Shin to take the photo of his little sister and thanks him to put him out of his misery.




  • Eugene was designed to evoke the traits of two influential people in Shin's life. He was a diligent Alba (like Lena) and a reliable, bespectacled older brother (like Rei).[3]