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Espers (能力者, Nouryokusha?) or Psychics (異能者, Inousha?) are members of the noble races which possess a genetically inherited supernatural power. These abilities usually pertain to the collective unconscious of humanity. Generally, the powers of an Esper weaken with the dilution of their genes, thus most tend to prefer marrying within their race.

There exists one noble race per race group as far as we are aware, with the noble race and ability of the Veridia Group currently unknown.

Amethysta Intellect[]

As the noble race of the Viola Group, the Amethysta possess extreme levels of enhanced ingenuity in select areas of focus. There can only be one holder of this ability at any given moment, always manifesting within the Idinarohk Dynasty. The sole Esper of the Idinarohks is given the title of Amethystus.[1] The Amethystus of each generation is described to have lost their moral compass and common sense in exchange for their intellect. Inheritance of this ability seems to be random, without needing a direct connection from predecessor to successor.

  • The first Idinarohk monarch was an Amethystus known as the mad king. He was said to have apparently used the nation’s treasury for breeding thousands of butterflies, only to kill and display them in an audience chamber.[2]
  • The Amethystus of the previous generation—Svetlana Idinarohk—used the ability in the field of weaponry, specifically guided weapons systems. Her work culminated in the Thrones used during the Dragon Fang Mountain Operation.[2]
  • The Amethystus of the current generation—Viktor Idinarohk—uses the ability in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. His work culminated in the Mariana Model AI and the Sirins.[1]

Celena Intimidation[]

As the noble race of the Alba Group, the Celena used to have possessed the ability of intimidation. It is unknown exactly how this ability worked, as the ability practically vanished from the Celena due to hundreds of years of noble and commoner interbreeding.[1]

Heliodor Threat Detection[]

As the noble race of the Aurata Group, the Heliodor possess the ability to detect threats to oneself and others from long range. This detection is not a tangible "sight" like that of the Pyrope's clairvoyance, but rather a feeling.

  • Svenja Brantolote is a unique case of Heliodor and Pyrope mixed heritage. Both Esper abilities augment each other into an active perception of threats within a certain distance, allowing her to “see” threats rather than simply feel them, at the cost of range.

Pyrope Psychometry[]

As the noble race of the Rubela Group, the Pyrope possess a myriad of abilities grouped under the umbrella of “Psychometry”. Different Pyrope families seem to have unique powers from each other, with the connecting thread being the perception of the unseen. From the example of Frederica and the Nouzen siblings, it is assumed that all members of a Pyrope family are able to inherit the ability with decreasing chances due to mixing.

  • The Maika Clan’s psychometry takes the form of telepathy between family members, also described as the perception of unspoken words. The familial telepathy of the Maika's is the basis of the Para-RAID system. This ability is exhibited in Gelda Maika, Yuuna Maika, Shourei Nouzen, and Shinei Nouzen. Due to Shin's clinical death and resurrection, his telepathy has shifted to include the voices of the lingering dead.[3]
  • The Akino Clan’s psychometry takes the form of the perception of emotions. This ability is exhibited in Guren Akino.
  • The Adel-Adler Dynasty’s psychometry takes the form of clairvoyance or the perception of the past and present of persons known to them, requiring a name and face for the ability to work. Unlike the other families, the Adel-Adler's ability does not suffer due to dilution. This ability is exhibited in Frederica Rosenfort.[4]
  • The Brantolote Clan seems to possess a similar form of psychometry to the Adel-Adlers. The only Brantolote Esper revealed is Svenja.

Onyx Martial Prowess[]

As the noble race of the Aquila Group, the Onyx possess enhanced athletic abilities and martial prowess.[1] Due to their abilities, the Onyx make up a majority of Giad’s high ranking military officials alongside the Pyropes, as well as serving as the Imperial guard of the Adel-Adler Dynasty. There is reason to believe that all Onyx members inherit the ability, although it is difficult to truly test who is and isn't an Esper. Gilwiese seems to think that the Onyx do not have "failed products" like the Pyrope.[5] If we consider Gilwiese to be a reliable narrator, then the potential list of named Onyx Espers are as follows:

  • Shinei Nouzen - Shown to be an inhumanly agile Feldreß operator.
  • Shourei Nouzen
  • Reisha Nouzen - Described to be a capable Feldreß operator.[6]
  • Kiriya Nouzen - Described to have a similar melee style to Shin.[7]
  • Seiei Nouzen
  • Frederica Rosenfort
  • Richard Altner
  • Willem Ehrenfried - Was previously an armored infantryman capable of using CQC against the Legion.[8]

Sapphira Precognition[]

As the noble race of the Caerulea Group, the Sapphira possess the ability to calculate the future ahead of them for a set distance and duration.[9] This ability must be activated and does not activate by instinct or without the user’s will. Not all Sapphira manifest precognition, as neither Daiya Irma nor Touka Keisha possess it despite being purebloods.

  • This ability manifests in the Aegis Clan. For Olivia Aegis, due to dilution from his mixed heritage of Sapphira and Jet, his precognition can only see three seconds into the immediate future.[9]