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Ernst Zimmerman (エルンスト・ツィマーマン, Erunsuto Tsimāman?) is a secondary supporting character in the 86 -Eighty Six- series introduced in Run Through the Battlefront.

Ernst is the interim president of the Federal Republic of Giad. He was a former imperial general disillusioned by the Giadian Empire's policies. He led the revolutionary forces to victory against the Empire, becoming the first president of the Federacy. He is also the adoptive father of Frederica Rosenfort and the five survivors of the Spearhead Squadron.


Ernst has the ink-black hair and eyes of a Jet, though his hair has begun to turn gray due to aging. He wears a pair of silver-rimmed glasses and sports a straight moustache. His physique is slender, giving him a scholarly air rather than the air of a military man.


Ernst is a staunch idealist in upholding the goodwill of humanity, believing that mankind should rather go extinct if it has to get rid of those alien to them, especially children. He is often likened to a fire-breathing dragon, steadfast in protecting his ideals and willing to destroy anything, even mankind, if his ideals of a benevolent humanity are not achieved.

However, that is only his presidential persona. At home, he is laid back old man trying to play the role of a father. In his own words, he is attempting to compensate for a family he had lost, first by adopting Frederica and employing Teresa, then later adopting the survivors of Spearhead.








  • He did not want the execution of the royal family because he knew they where as much of victims of the former Empire's shadow aristocratic regime as the people were. He actually punished the people who killed them.[citation needed]