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Will You Remember Me? (忘れないでいてくれますか?, Wasurenai de Itekuremasu ka??) is the seventh episode of the 86 -Eighty Six- anime adaptation, originally broadcasted on May 22, 2021.


Lena continues to hear the Black Sheep through her Para-RAID resonance with Shin. The final echoes of the Eighty-Six at the moment the Legion reaped their lives affects Lena's heart, to the point her hesitation and fear leaks through the Para-RAID. As Lena began to worry that the burden on the remaining members would increase day by day as they continue to take casualties, she appeals to Karlstahl...[1]


With the Revolution Festival coming soon, Lena arranges to have a crate of fireworks smuggled to Spearhead. She also continues to advocate for supplies and reinforcements to be sent to Spearhead, and her uncle finally appears to agree. As a new supply shipment is sent to Spearhead, Anju and Kurena privately talk about Daiya's death and how it has affected Anju, and also wonder if they should tell Lena about Spearhead's secret, which even Shin and Raiden do not have the heart to tell her. During the Festival, Lena is forced to attend a party while Spearhead celebrates with the smuggled fireworks. Later, Spearhead prepares for their planned attack on the Legion base, but they are suddenly ambushed by ultra long range artillery fire that inflicts heavy losses, forcing Spearhead to retreat and leaving only a handful of Spearhead members alive. As Lena promises to secure more reinforcements, Shin decides to tell her the truth about Spearhead; it is a suicide unit meant to kill off every Eighty-Six who reaches near the end of their term to ensure they can never return to the Republic. Spearhead will only be replenished when every current member is dead. Lena then asks why they still fight if their death is certain, and Raiden explains they all want to keep their pride by going down fighting rather than simply accepting death. Meanwhile, in another sector, a new type of Legion unit completely obliterates a Juggernaut squadron.[2]






Timestamp Track Name
0:00 – 0:55 pianoVIIIVI-iv
2:25 – 3:00 うんざり蹴ったり
3:43 – 3:54 (ambient)
3:55 – 5:15 pianoVIIIVI-iii
6:43 – 7:47 Reality
7:49 – 8:48 レーナとアネット
9:24 – 11:26 pianoVIIIVI-i
13:31 – 15:52 同じ空の黄昏
18:40 – 21:39 名もなき悲劇
23:10 – 23:34 ZERO×5

Differences from Light Novel[]

  • In the light novel, Lena doesn't talk to Annette at the party, and we have access, in a detailed way, to Lena's thoughts about the party and, in general, to the glamor and image that the Republic of San Magnolia wants to convey.